Alright mate, just wondered if you could get that £50 back to me by the end of the week?

No Jordan I put it all on a bad horse and lost the lot. Really sorry


Can I get your bank deets please, m8

Is it okay if i pay you in euros instead?

Sorry, I’ve spent it on crisps for Japes wedding present.

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Bit skint at the mo, canI give you it at the end of the month on payday?

You coming out Saturday?

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This thread has reminded me Stevie Gee owes me £60 from the World Cup sweepstake.

“I gave it you back on [last time you got pissed together], you cheeky prick”.

This is reminiscent of an untrue pm I received years ago saying ‘alright mate, am I still alright dropping off my washing later?’