Alright Sunday



Yeah I’m alright

Got an almighty stack of work to do today so am delaying getting up and having to start.
Might go make a cup of tea in a second.

Yeah I’m alright, you alright?

Alright @slicky, alright @rich-t

Alright everyone else?

All is fine here. Went out for dinner last night which was lovely. Not sure about today. Probably head out for a walk, just for a change? Got veggie toad in the hole for lunch so that’s something.

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What sausages you using?? I’ve got some veggie Richmond’s might go this for dinner.

Also alright CCB?

I’ve gone Quorn. Controversial choice amongst the DiS veggie sausage elite but they seem to be the most popular with the cheeksters (who found the Richmond ones a bit too strongly seasoned).

And yeah I’m alright :blush:

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Listening to Autechre while the Silly Toddler does jigsaws. Soft play shortly with a couple of NCT folks.

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Alright DiS.

Mrs W has taken Bertie out for a walk with a friend, so it’s just old man Bramble and I for a slow saunter in the woods this morning.

Going to me Mam’s for lunch.

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Often wonder whether it would be really cool to have an extra moon or whether it would be an absolute nightmare. Would play havoc with the tides.
Would look really cool though. I think we should probably give it a go, given the opportunity



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marathon day. trying to squeeze out another poop. good luck @aggpass @bluto @anyoneelse


Still buzzing from football last night. Bit tired but seem to have swerved a hangover. Taking the bairns to a muddy field to look at some dinosaurs later.

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner


I’ve done 3 (three) including one at the Costa in Stanley Green retail Park just now

What a time to be alive. Good luck today! Hopefully will catch you through chorlton as you’re getting to the finish


lol literally on the loo as this popped up. good luck all! already thinking about the beer afterwards.


Not on marathon-book, but our flat is trapped on all sides by the marathon route and we physically can’t leave, so we’ll be somewhere in Timperley cheering you guys on!

There are already people running past our flat, is it a staggered start?

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Gonna have another crack at getting the paint tub open. Dunno what im gonna do if it fails.

Should probably do some exercise.

Then NFL/Super League highlights (have avoided score so no spoilers pls)

Need think about what i want in my salad. Maybe tofu?

Half has already gone. First batch of marathoners go at 10:20. I’m off about 10:30-10:35.

Bib number is 4476 and I’ll be wearing a blue cap if you want to shout dis in jokes at me

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Alright everyone
This is the latest I’ve woken up for ages in the hour of 8, usually up between 5 and 6, even on the weekends (by accident).
Lots of gushing about my trip to Rye yesterday:


Had such a nice day at Rye yesterday, I haven’t been before but it was very beautiful and Camber Sands is really nice too, I really want to go back and explore more and stay the night. Was able to sunbathe (!!) on the beach which was a real treat, even if I was wearing a warm jacket. There were loads of antique shops which is always fun, I love going to charity shops and finding little old bits of china for photo props. And so close to London too, I’ve never been on the high-speed south Eastern before, she’s so fast

The cobbled streets are so pretty

Such a nice shop, sad that I only had time for one!

It was so nice to bask like a lizard on the rocks :heart_eyes:
Got this little plate too, how cute