Alright tonight?


Wishing you well x


selling some crap on ebay
can’t believe lee nelson’s name isn’t really lee nelson
that’s about it


what’s the coolest thing you are selling?


mostly selling games, and my ps vita and playstation tv (which i never used)


Working at a school in rural Austria. It is raining heavily and all the snow is gone.

I have a boy in my class who is a dead ringer for Draco Malfoy, but dresses like Justin Bieber.


I should sell my games and x box one or something


Used my god like powers to fix a neighbour’s laptop :muscle:


Alright bammers and all.

Finalising what to do in Edinburgh this week and gonna watch the Falling at aome point. Had a good day in Liverpool Saturday


Weekly trip to big Tescos


I’ve been drafted in as a ringer for a table quiz tonight. I’ve a winning record from every one I’ve done for the past two years so I’m excited and nervous. There’s a good team there so I’m confident.

Otherwise I’m pretty hungover and sore after the weekend. Cannot wait for normal life to resume tomorrow.


ive started rebuying stuff i regretted selling, final fantasy games and whatnot, but yeah all the crap ones can go


Got a headache and a touch of cold/manflu. Wouldve potentially left work early if it weren’t for the fact that some absolute marketing cunt made up some news that its national sickie day.


Currently cooking an unhealthy dinner of burgers and chips, need it though after another crap day at work.

Listening to Oathbreaker in the kitchen.

Planning on playing a Sherlock Holmes board game after dinner.



Knackered, might just go to bed.


An american satirist on channel 4 news started his interview with “hail satan” and wanted to say Donald Trump’s an idiot, anyone who supported or voted for him is an idiot and he’s really tired of his stuff getting reposted as fact. The world’s going quite a bit beyond being a gently ironic joke isn’t it.


Went to the gym and overdid it somewhat, fucking knackered.
Big stir fry then the sofa for this Disser


A bit on my laptop just broke. Fuck sake. Not a major bit, but still a bit.


thinking about death a lot


Played football in the rain after work; scored five.

Had hotdogs and oven chips for tea.

Watching last Saturday’s episode of Taboo.

Good things one and all.


Start of my last week in San Francisco. Various people have told me how much they will miss me, which feels nice. Writing documentation about a load of SQL stuff I wrote as part of my project - pretty much the most boring task, writing about code :no_mouth: