Also HB to Erics 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 as well as Reptar


Are you all having a joint party together, I wonder?


Reads like Led Zep albums

Eric I
Eric II
Eric III
Eric IV
Eric V
Physical Reptar


Reptar: An Eric Story


you forgot houses of the burrito


probably not necessary but thanks wr!!! <3


Houses of the 'moley


my wife just text me to say happy birthday (she forgot this morning)


Probably just saw this thread


Happy birthday, friend


Thanks, man


You know, I’ve been posting on DiS since 2006 and I’ve never had a birthday thread. So this means a lot even if it’s just under seven months early


wr posted this on my fb wall


Put your birthday on your profile!


… I haven’t said it yet.


As a present, here’s a pic of one of my favourite mountains in Scotland. Suilven.

It’s a Marilyn, not a Munro, but look at it! It looks mad!


do people ever make jokes about marilyn munro?

quite ashamed to say that when i looked at that, my brain immediately went to breath of the wild and i thought i bet there’s a korok on top of there


Why doesn’t Reptar, the largest Eric, simply eat the other five?


Haha, probably!

Seriously, I was reading the route on Walk Highlands and I think you may have to walk along this ridgey bit. It makes me want to barf, but also do it. Do it and barf.


Translated it means “The Lonely Mountain” Isn’t that some LOTR thing? Or The Hobbit? Dunno, thought you’d appreciate it anyway you massive geek :stuck_out_tongue:


:heart_eyes: man your country is so much better looking than mine, it’s not fair!

wish i was out there now in a storm getting absolutely pelted with rain :yum:


Me too actually. I’m swithering a bit about whether I want to move to the countryside :confused: The city is nice n all but tbh… I don’t really ever go anywhere! The bf always talked about us moving to Ullapool and I would immediately be like Pfft, shut up. But now I’m like… Maybe!?


i’d move in a second if i could actually find work :confused: pretty doomed to be a london wanker in my career