Alt. country


definitely not alt country. but this is sublime. Sorry, I’m ruining this thread.


I second this motion!

Kurt Vile might just slip in as being alt Country too.


Songs: Ohia is the obvious one here. The Magnolia Electric Co. is a stone cold classic.


Lucinda’s pretty straight country but hey ho. Need to get into more of her albums than just Car Wheels


Also recently listened to Damian Jurados “The Horizon Just Laughed”. Came out early this year.

Not sure if it counts but theres some slide guider on there sooo…


You think we could allow Phosphorescent?! If so a thousand times him!


Gonna say The Handsome Family also.


Yeah agree with the Kurt Vile shout too


Richard Buckner is fucking great too.


If you want to go back: Flying Burrito Brothers/Gram Parsons


Giant Sand was mentioned above…you could also check out Howe Gelb solo (which I tend to get on better with) - start with 'Sno Angel Like You:

Strong gospel element on that particular album, so it’s kind of hard to categorise, but wonderful.


I think you’ll really like this Gold star album

And maybe some Avett Brothers (especially early stuff)


Love me some Willy Vlautin & Richmond Fontaine.
Also the author of some excellent novels, one of which Lean On Pete was adapted into a really good film - also worth checking out.


Was gonna make a thread the other day for alt country made by straight country artists but I thought it was too niche a thing. Recently got into Lucinda’s Car Wheels and Emmylou Harris’s incredible Wrecking Ball and I want more indie friendly real country


Daniel Romano


The Sadies :heart::heart::heart:


the album Kacey Musgraves put out this year was kinda swell


Speaking of Uncle Tupelo. Tweedy’s new one is out today and its brilliant…


Always loved Willard Grant Conspiracy. First few albums were outstanding.


There’s also a movie of Motel Life my friend. Emile Hirsch and one of the Fanning sisters is in iit. Check it out.
Check out The Delines too - Willy’s other band. He’s also a total gent in person.