Alt. country


Thoroughly enjoyed Elliot Brood’s release from last year…fits the mold here,


He is a gent isn’t he. Only saw RF once, but he signed my copy of Northline before the gig.
And Motel Life is a really good movie too. Stephen Dorff’s excellent in it also.
Delines haven’t connedted with me as much, but I’ll give them another go. Thing is I just love Willy’s voice.


Yes I’d love them to do a few duets even on Delines stuff.
He hates his own voice though.
Met him a few times and had good chats with him. Told me all about Amy’s injuries last time I spoke to him and it was horrendous.
He’s very down to earth and has a real wit too. Big fan of his novels. Was disappointed that Lonnie wasn’t in the Lean on Pete movie so no connected Vlautin cinematic universe if the do a Don’t Skip Out On Me film :grinning:
I’d love a film of The Free with a decent budget for the coma dreams.


I was not aware of Amy’s accident before now… wow, I don’t know how I didn’t know.
Jesus, looks like she’s been through a horrific time.


Aye it was January when he was telling me. The album was pretty much good to go then but they were waiting to see when she’d be up to touring. Really looking forward to seeing them this coming January.


Love a bit of Grant Lee Buffalo


I like lists like this where I already like most of the bands and then there’s one or two I haven’t heard :slight_smile: :+1:t2:


There was an amazing alt-country compilation series almost 20 years (!) ago now, put out by Loose, called New Sounds of the Old West. Volume 2 got me into Giant Sand, Willard Grant Conspiracy, The Cash Brothers (Nebraska!), Jim White (10 Miles to Go on a Nine Mile Road), Lambchop, etc. The label has a huge number of Spotify playlists here, not all alt-country but worth a look - some of them themed around End of the Road, the Luminaire, etc.

Names not mentioned:
Jim White - not the guy from Dirty 3 who played with Kozelek (first 2-3 albums before he went full-on religious)
Duke & The King (Simone Felice’s band after he left the Felice Brothers; first album is great).


Adam Faucett had a decent album out this year which has this absolute belter on it. Dude’s got some pipes


As mentioned upthread ^ ^ ^ Richard Buckner. My favourite alt country person. So good


War Elephant and Divine Providence are my favs. The latter in particular is them at their most Replacementsish, which is quite alright with me.


No mention of Micah P. Hinson yet?


About time! …colour me excited.


yeah, came in this thread to say as much. stuck on this one.


here’s a few

brooding, majestic, haunted stuff here - listen to these two in order (first one is the intro to the album)

these guys are the originators of the whole thing, as far as I know. yet to dig deep, but this is really nice

obvs. yer man M Ward

does Vic Chesnutt count? sounds countryish to these ears (Lucinda Williams is also a shout, although is she not just straight country?)

Gillian Welch, obvs

Neko Case, obvvvvsss


as is Didn’t It Rain! sorry, always have to shout out that one’s equal status because it’s one of my all-time faves.

also his solo stuff is brilliant.

I think his voice might be my very favourite, too. used to think he was just a Will Oldham rip, but he’s actually better (love Will too, but he just doesn’t sear my soul the same).


this Meg Baird album, on the alt.folk border…


So many good suggestions in this thread. Well played DiSers.

My introduction to Giant Sand was the album Provisions. Solid album, one of my favorites.

I’ll throw in a couple of names Austin Lucas, Dawn Landes, John Prine, David Rawlings, The Cave Singers and Patty Griffin

and if you want you want a little more of a country twang in your alt-country try Colter Wall or Strugill Simpson.


think drive by truckers are one of the most underrated bands in the world.

that period where Isbell played with them they had 3 properly brilliant songwriters.


Excellent shout. Had totally forgotten about him.