Alt. country


You’re absolutely spot on. Decoration Day and The Dirty South are absolutely incredible.

Just going to leave this one here:


love this song so much mate

was singing it yesterday actually


Had sort of forgotten about Caitlin Rose, just searched on spotify her cover of ‘Pink Rabbits’ :heart:


Yep. Absolutely stunning song. I love the sentiment behind it.

All of Isbell’s contributions to those two records are great though.

Hood’s and Cooley’s songs aren’t far behind.


Second Jim White, this is a beauty:


Papa M - Beloved Woman

Wait until 2:37 for the most sublime key change
The whole album - Whatever, Mortal is excellent
He (Dave Pajo) was the guitarist in slint all those years ago


No mention of my great love Sparklehorse so far… possibly straying much further into alt. territory than full country, but Linkous was a psychedelic genius all frayed at the edges.

This is my favourite song of all time:


The Volebeats have a bunch of great songs. Awesome alt country / power pop / brit invasion sound


Dolorean - Violence on Snowy Fields
Put you to Sleep
Dolorean - You Can’t Win
Beachcomber Blues
Dolorean - Unfazed

They’re no longer together, but these three albums stand up still. Years later they’re as good as the first listen.


This one is less alt country (as per definition at start of thread) than indie country, as in pure unadulterated intelligent country released on an indie label, but all the better for that reason:

Tarnation — Gentle Creatures (4AD)


need to revisit them. there was a month maybe four/five years back where I was really getting into them, dunno why I haven’t been back


properly love them.

songs about families and small lives and weird working class pride are pretty much catnip for me though.

haha fucking hell just tried listening to tornadoes and burst into tears. I am all over the place today.


can’t forget some MMJ, here

high and lonesome


Love these songs! Which of their 11 albums should I get?



Great! Both of these are from Thirteen Cities which is my favourite Richmond Fontaine album. There are some lovely mariachi production touches with contributions from members of Calexico.
Would also heartily recommend The Fitzgerald which is a really stark album, not dissimilar to Nebraska.
If you enjoy these then there’s still lots more great stuff to dig into. I’d be going for Post To Wire and Winnemucca next, and then work backward from the end of their discography (maybe hold off on The High Country, which is an outlier… worth hearing and spending time with but wouldn’t be checking it out before the albums I named first)


May I humbly put forward Clem Snide for the group’s consideration?


Thanks, looking forward to check these fellas out. If I start today and listen to one a week I’ll have the entire back catalogue covered by mid Feb!


I know moment in the sun from when it was the season 2 theme tune from ‘Ed’ when they stopped using the foo fighters. I liked it.


Wrecking Ball is a complete and utter masterpiece.