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RE: Josh Rouse I always reckoned Under Cold Blue Stars was his best. Really like the narrative of it and has a bunch of really sweet songs, not to mention a fair amount of underplayed pain - Ugly Stories could pass you by really easily… Dream The Whole Night Through always gets me.


Got into Jason Isbell in the last year or so off the strength of Something More Than Free - I could listen to him do what he does constantly. There always seems to be another great song of his that I don’t know! Should get on Drive By Truckers.


If you like Isbell you really should check out the albums Decoration Day and The Dirty South. His songs on them are just brilliant. More examples:


Songs: Ohia


Loads of good bands here

I don’t think anyone’s mentioned Laura Cantrell yet


I stumbled upon him when Nashville came out. When I went back to Under Cold Blue Stars, Home and DULN they didn’t grab me as much. Think I might revisit UCBS this afternoon…


It’s very low key, and is all the better for it. It follows a loose narrative about a couple in the 50’s which helps to hold together all the little lyrical snapshots in it.

Full disclosure it also soundtracked first love for me so I might be biased :smiley:


I’ve just had another go, it just doesn’t hit me the same way everything from 1972 onwards does. And yeah, albums that relate to our lives or periods of our lives just mean so much more don’t they.


Anyone else old enough to have got into this stuff via the ‘Sounds of the New West’ CD that came with an issue of Uncut twenty years (!) ago?

No? Er, me neither…


“It’s deep rooted the music of being young and dumb/it’s never muted in fact it’s much louder where I’m from”


I remember that UNCUT was a particular champion of this type of music. I first became aware of Whiskeytown due to UNCUT.


I probably had one of those. I’m definitely old enough :anguished:


Couldn’t possibly say…

(Uncut September 1998)


I discovered lots of great stuff through Uncut, pity it’s crap now. Bought a copy recently, was really disappointed with it.


Don’t know if the new Jeff Tweedy has been mentioned here, but it really is excellent. Have listened to it a lot over the last week & would have given it my Nov album of the month #1 vote but hadn’t enough time with it before voting.


Yeah, it was brilliant in the late 90s and through the 00s. Main cover articles were always really long and in-depth. Discovered loads of great music through them (The Replacements for example) and their film retrospectives were great too.


Dreams are given to you when you’re young enough to dream them
before they can do you any harm.
They don’t start to hurt, unless you try to hold on to them after seeing how they really are.


imagine writing that and still being the third best songwriter in a band


ah fuck don’t listen to this song, I’ve fallen in the void and can’t get out


Reckon Todd Snider just about squeezes into alt country


drag the river