Alt. country


Freakwater! I saw them live at The Eagle in Salford back in… either 2017 or 2016? I forget. they were great, though.


I’m just checking Doug Paisley out right now.

ahh man. warm glowy sadness.


It’s a great song. Have to disagree about Cooley being the third best songwriter though - he’s always been my favourite. I could listen to Zip City all day.


pretty much only been putting dbt on for a month or so & i’m in the middle of doing a best of playlist, cooley only has three in there so far iirc - sounds better in the song, loaded gun & daddy’s cup. (but i’m only up to 2009 in my re listening). what are your faves? :slight_smile:

i do think he’s really good, and some of his harder rockers really work well in context of the album where i wouldn’t pick them out as brilliant songs on their own. think hood & isbell are two of the best songwriters in the world tho.


It’s Outlaw Country, not Alt. Country but the compilation album “Outlaw & Armadillos” that came out last year to coincide with a new exhibition on Outlaw Country at the Country Music Hall of Fame is fucking boss.

Does have a David Allen Coe song on there though, so just skip that one.


Yeah, they are all incredible songwriters to be fair. I’m a sucker for a good turn of phrase so I think that’s why I rate Cooley so much. My favourites are:
Zip City
When the pin hits the shell
Carl Perkins’ Cadillac
Gravity’s gone
Space city
3 dimes down
Self destructive zones
Ghost to most
Birthday boy

What are your favourite Isbell and Hood songs?


This could tempt me down to Nashville… Plenty of time to see it…the exhibition runs until February 14, 2021!

Last time I was at the hall of fame I walked around a Hank Williams exbo. By the time I had finished I was convinced he was the most rock n’ roll person that has ever lived. That guy lived a life.


some absolute tunes there tbf.

carl perkins’ cadillac definitely needs going on the list, think i’d only let it off because i was basically adding everything on dirty south. space city is a beaut as well, i’ve not really listened to blessing and a curse very much, never grabbed me like their others, need to listen to the first two records more too.

i forgot how few songs isbell actually wrote for dbt. only eight!

the day john henry died
decoration day
never gonna change
goddamn lonely love

are all brilliant. some fucking hit rate that tbfttl

as far as i can tell hood has only ever recorded one bad song. tried really hard to whittle things down here but ended up writing a list 30 songs long, which is silly. so ill just go one per album -

living bubba
the company i keep
angels and fuselage
the deeper in
world of hurt
two daughters and a beautiful wife
fourth night of my drinking
grand canyon
ever south

could have put almost any of his songs on southern rock, decoration day, dirty south or brighter than creation’s dark on there

worra band.


Link please?


(I’ll post one when I’m done)


Certainly does for me

What about Nathaniel Rateliff?

Lift to Experience / Josh T Pearson?


Two Gallants were alright


There’s these two gallants, right…


Have fallen pretty hard for The Delines on your recommendation. The Imperial is fantastic.
Saw them live last night and they were just brilliant.
After the gig they mingled with the crowd and chatted/signed for ages. Lovely people.


Checking out The Imperial now and it’s superb! Right up my street. :+1:


It’s really flown under the radar but is a great album.
Glad I was able to help.
I’m seeing them tomorrow night and really looking forward to it.
If you haven’t done so already check out Richmond Fontaine - mostly the same band minus Amy and a rawer and often rockier sound… Edit - you’re on it, good stuff :+1:


The new songs sounded just great. Amy Boone’s voice is a special thing to hear live. Was chatting to Willy after the gig and he’s just about the nicest man ever.


Glad she’s doing well now.
Seen them when they were touring the 1st Lp and they’re just great.
Yes Willy is a gent and also very humble.


Green on Red


Jason & The Scorchers