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I’ve liked some of their stuff in the past but not really on board with this one.

This song reminds me of Talk Talk - I approve!


not bad, and I can hear the Talk Talk-ness of it, but I still get the impression that’s it’s a very mainstream band trying to emulate another band (Radiohead in the past) solely by reading a description of the music rather than ever actually hearing a note of it.

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That’s precisely how Talking Heads made this song though:

If their Wikipedia’s to be believed, The Overload was an attempt to write a Joy Division song despite not having heard any of their music - they were just going by descriptions.

An interesting approach! And I think that if Talking Heads can get a pass for it, so too can Alt-J.

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fair enough, though Talking Heads are significantly better than Alt-J. Everything about alt J sounds awkward in a bad way.

forgot about this. cheers. love it

Oh there’s no disputing which is the superior band. I just found your criticism interesting.

Really like the hook but not at all sure about this Olde Englishe folk vocal shite

Yeah, that is a bit strange, isn’t it?

really like the music, but totally ruined by the vocals as usual.

it’s funny, i have several friends with strong opinions about them and none myself

friend 1 loved the first and second album

friend 2 loved the first (mostly due to the production) but hated the second

friend 3 was in a band with producer of the first album, and when the album was really successful it helped accelerate the decline of the band they were in together. no idea if friend 3 actually likes Alt J’s music but i remember his reaction to the mention of Alt J being “hmmm yeah, kind of a shame they did so well actually…”

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