Alt right (anon poll)


Hope this isn’t insensitive given the recent thread closure. I’m genuinely curious rather than looking for ‘banter’.

Is anyone here part of, or sympathetic to, the ‘alt right’?

  • Yes
  • I sympathize on one or two issues
  • No

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fucking hell, you made it anonymous

there is no cohesive “alt-right”. what would their “issues” be? triggering the libs?

lets not. the mood theo’s in…


I don’t think this will end well man.


I am a bit torn about seeing DFA on Friday night after learning about their ties

Tuesday 06032018

don’t think i’ve ever seen them wear any


But yeah this is a bold thread move


This is all the encouragement I need to get that Page 3 thread, I’ve been mulling over, posted.


Mate, when this is on newsnight later as a damning insight into the rise of fascism, we’re all going to look like chumps.


@the_dazzled you wanna shout the mods and get this canned now?

actually i’m kind of angry that this is even being put up at this point.


Happy to do this.




uh oh


help! we’ve done it again!


I’m encouraged by the results.

Thanks shut it down now.

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