Altered Beast

You know like how the government has been breeding out wasps? Do you think they have reduced the shelf life of potatoes? They used to last months but now they mank up, grow shit etc really quickly. If you look at the structure and weight of a potato it should be lasting a lot longer than it does.

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Potato famine eh?

You’re a potato

You can turn a potato into a battery and a battery can power a Transformer!



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Had some bananas go bad quicker than expected recently. They didn’t just go a bit bad either, they went really fucking bad

‘Wise from your gwave!’

Wait, this thread isn’t about the video game?


potatoes should keep for months

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Probably the Colombians.

I think it has stalled now but remember the summer when you didn’t see many wasps? The govt had released a load of sterile wasps into the wasp populace.

remembered playing it for hours at my grandads retirement party on the ol’arcade. really saved that party for me. great game

Dunno about this waspy potato thing though soz (but potatoes do go manky quick i’ll give you that)

have you been listening to insect conspiracy podcasts again

No point buying fresh produce as it goes off too quickly


A few but not many.

saw a warning sign about some dreadful dangerous hornet the other day.

Bit scared now.

played it when i got my Mega Drive Mini over Christmas. hasn’t held up in the slightest.

I want to buy bags of untreated frozen potatoes.

My Granddad was always trying to find someone to unload potatoes on

Not “always” tbf. Just when he’d dug up the year’s “crop”

To stop potatoes growing shoots you need to keep them in total darkness. When they come in a paper sack they keep for much longer. Colder is better too.