Altered images

alright gang does anyone know what the size limit is for images to show up as full images rather than get cut off?

@theo ?

I don’t really know what you mean? Example post of ‘cut off’?

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hang on, i’ll find one that does it.

maybe it’s an aspect ratio thing?

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Right? How is it cut off, though?

it’s not! ARGH

hang on, I’ll try and get one to do it. you had one the other day i’m sure

I do actually believe you because when @Scott_Chegg posted that screen grab from FB earlier today the right hand side was cut off, then when I looked again after I replied it was okay again, or something.

So it may be a temporary effect until the thread reloads?

oh god damn it

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this post has one

i’ve now squished a panda trying to get this to work

EDIT: YES. there we go. must be an aspect ratio thing?


see how in the post he has his legs cut off, but when you click on him it expands?

was wondering what makes it do that. once it reaches a certain aspect ratio or what?

All I can see is a squished panda

Have you manually set the img tag attributes to do that?

nope. so in the post you can see floor underneath the pandas legs?


Yes you’re right, I’ve seen before where images that are very long instead get zoomed to the top block rather than being shrunk.

I don’t know why, sorry.

aye, that’s what i mean. was wondering if you knew exactly how long classifies as too long so that it ends up getting zoomed.

OH WELL. sorry mr panda.

Great thread guys