'Alternate Facts'


Hit me with your best alternate facts. Could be good, could be shit, definitely seems a bit DiS though.

I’ll start:

The so-called leaning tower of Pisa is in fact level, it’s just built on a steep slope.


This reminds me of the time when me and my friend were on a long drive and spent hours thinking up Smash Hits-style facts about popstars.

e.g. H from Steps’ real name is Jay.
Kavana of “I Can Make You Feel Good” fame is a trained falconer.

Can’t remember any more. There was a good one about the Corrs though


The guitarist from Mansun was in Pugwall’s band


A strawberry isnt a berry but an avocado is


Also Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo


are factoids* real facts

*llike off radio 2


I’m under the age of 50 so don’t know what this is


Dogs aren’t really dogs.


Gary Numan is slightly younger than Gary Oldman.


I like this thread.


Dogs can’t look up


Balonz was an inside job.


The money was just resting in my account


My mate was having a wank on his bed once. He shut his eyes and put his headphones on. After he’d done he opened his eyes and noticed his dinner was on the end of the bed.

True story.


Different friend this time - stuck his head in the hole of a bottle bank and got stuck there overnight. He got shagged up the arse 7 times over the course of the night.

True story.


Contrary to popular belief, jet fuel is actually unable to melt steel beams


The human body is 98% water.


All the gold in the world put together would fill just two Olympic-size swimming pools.

(NB: Not sure if true or not, thought I’d put it here so someone can verify/reject it… #ssp)


Just googled it - it’s the world’s supply of gold (i.e. already mined and in circulation), and just over 3 pools: http://www.forbes.com/sites/afontevecchia/2010/11/19/how-many-olympic-sized-swimming-pools-can-we-fill-with-billionaire-gold/#1608ff9351dd

Stand down, DIS


I was genuinely just doing that calculation in the article.

I’m a bit bored.