Alternative eurovision

because we can do better than that, right?

host- that aussie guy who got his arse out
uk- savages
ireland- girl band
russia- pussy riot
sweden- trachimbrod
france- sebastian tellier (again)
denmark- iceage
spain- perro
iceland- sigur ros
germany- hasslehoff

that’s about as far as i can get off the top of my head, anyone know any good bands from bosnia-herzegovina?

Ukraine – Gogol Bordello. Kind of.

yeah that definitely counts

Weird out of all the possible British bands you choose savages who have a French singer so they would probably be ineligible

The UK - Chas & Dave
Switzerland - Celine Dion

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Belgium – Soulwax
Portugal – Seu Jorge

He’s Brazilian, swap him out for Buraka Som Sistema

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Armenia - system of a down (ish)

wtf, genuinely never knew that. chas and dave it is, then.

To be fair, given recent entrants I don’t think they give a shit any more. Saturday’s Danish entry was Australian. Celine Dion’s about as Swiss as Steven Gerrard.

Norway- Sløtface

Sweden - Refused, obv

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Faust m8

Finland - Kairon; IRSE!

I’d have The Wannadies as my Swedish representation.

Trachimbrod would win that for me for sure.

Austria - Soap & Skin
Serbia - Abul Mogard
Poland - Kyst
Netherlands - Machinefabriek
Bosnia & Herzegovina - Ofsaijd
Germany - Moderat
Lithuania - Eleven Tigers
France - Oiseaux Tempete
Australia - Seagull
Portugal - Tiago Benzinho
Italy - Giordini di Miro
Finland - Black Twig
Greece - My Wet Calvin
Switzerland - Animen
Sweden - Wildbirds & Peacedrums
Belgium - Soulwax
Denmark - WhoMadeWho
Iceland - Bloodgroup
Norway - Deaf Center

Is this real? Huge if true.


sick, got some listening to do (also, had no idea soulwax were belgian)

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Athens bands - quite fond of a couple of tracks of their first album.

They never have. Celine Dion won for Switzerland in 1988. Serge Gainsborough wrote a winning song for France Gaul in 1965 for Luxembourg despite them both being French. Last time we won our singer was American.