Alternative French Election Thread

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what’s for lunch? I’ve got an under-ripe avocado and some chicken

Used to call it French toast all the time but have now changed to the more infantile eggy bread.


my son refuses to eat eggy bread, but will eat French toast.



i want to smoosh their cute wee faces

was always eggy bread in our house

la di da

All pizza is on bread

do you take it back to the kitchen and pretend to change it?

I know, right?


Sweet or savoury?

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no, I just eat it

late surge for fries.

feel like if this had been posted right before lunch pizza and toast might have had a better showing

We always called it eggy bread.

These days I let French Toast only refer to that (modern?) café thing of giving you doorstep brioche eggy bread with fruit compote, creme fraiche and icing sugar and cinnamon on top. Excellent stuff.