Alternative means of transport

Which are NOT bikes, cars or any public transport (unless it’s a boat, that’s interesting)

Any closet scooterers out there willing to fess up? Hoverboardists, rollerbladers? I’ve been known to zoom to and from work on a skateboard because I am a big big man child. And it’s really fun.

Used to ride around on a longboard as a teen, must’ve looked such a prick



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Peasant wagon

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snake board

Imagine being an adult who’s given up on life enough to use a micro scooter to get to work.


my mother in law (70) uses one of these every now and again. have never seen it in action but must be pretty brilliant to watch.


Are they actually?

Adults on skateboards and/or scooters want locking up.


Can’t use a powered vehicle on a pavement unless it’s licensed, like a mobility scooter, I believe.

Thought you were talking about the trousers. Carry on.


And you also obviously can’t use them on the road since they’re not licensed / have any safety features like indicators, brake lights etc. Like Segways. You can only really use them on private property.

And those bikes where people lie down on their back

A recumbent?

They’re much better if you have lower back or limb issues.

A friend of mine has started using a hand-operated one after being paralysed from the waist down in an accident.

They’re good for people with some disabilities though.

Quite like to get into rollerblading you know. Pretty decent way of getting about. Although the pavements are often too crowded for 'em round here.

I travel exclusively using heelys.


Yes they’re good if you need one. Not so good when it’s just a novelty. Especially when said person has a unicycle strapped to their back for later unicycle tricks.

I used to live in Brighton.