Alternative remedies

I don’t mean homeopathic shit, I mean things that you have to make do with.

I have a stuffy nose, and might be getting a cold. I have a cool nasal spray that helps with this but I’ve left it at home. So I’ve just had a teaspoon of tabasco sauce (which I have on my desk for situations such as this and so much more), and that has worked a treat. Might have another go in a second.

Hit me up with your examples.
I’ll probably go to Boots for some Otrivine on the way to the station.

Magic healing liquid that a former client invented.

Does the tabasco sauce not run out of your nose after you put it up there?



Don’t joke.


My granny used to make us snort salt water if she felt that the snottiness after a cold was going on too long. She was repulsed by snottiness, and so it was more about her not having to listen to us sniffing than about solving a health problem.

It works but it stings like hell.

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Anti-inflammatory liquid made from stuff you’ve probably got under the kitchen sink. He has actual data showing it works on dry sockets and non-healing wounds and all sorts. I’ve used it on eczema flare-ups and the gf has used it on old wounds from colitis complications and it’s worked.

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A glass of good whisky cures everything: hangover, sore throat, headache, tummy ache, nausea, broken leg.


Hiccup remedies, inorder of effectiveness

  • Being genuinely surprised by something that it makes you jump
  • Drinking a glass of water upside down
  • Doing nothing and waiting for them to pass
  • Holding your breath

Most effective is saying to someone that you will give them a tenner if they can keep hicoughing for a whole minute.

What the hell
Using Purell


There was a crazy kid at school who guaranteed me he could cure my hiccups once. I was so sick of them I said, “go on then,” and he proceeded to choke me until I passed out.

It worked tbf.

I do love a hot toddy. One of those before bed will defo sweat out any nastiness overnight.

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I often use turmeric for sore/inflamed throats

How does one use turmeric for this? Currently have throat issues and willing to try.

I normally just add some to a hot honey and lemon! Just like half a teaspoon. The taste requires a bit of getting used to but I think it works if you have a few of those in the early stage of a throat thing.

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Thanks, already do hot honey and lemon so maybe I’ll try adding turmeric :+1: