🎁🎁 Alternative Stocking Thread 🎁🎁


So in lieu of a @PocketMouse thread this year, let’s see what presents you’ve got - post a picture of one good, one bad.

Good: my favourite mascara which is quite expensive
Bad: socks, as I don’t wear socks



u wot m8


I’m a girl so I either wear tights or bare feet.


Me and my brother’s stockings have evolved into an opportunity for dad to showcase his trademark brand of humour.


Wow, Match magazine still exists? Awesome. I hope they still do their big league ladder things in the summer.


I’m deeply engrossed in the adventures of Matchman now, tbf.


Love it :grinning::+1:


More of a Jesus and Mary Chain fan?


The box on the left does say for men and women! Pamper those feet man


Got the most amazing hip flask from my sister and a ticket to have lunch in the cat cafΓ© from my mum.