Alternative uses of household appliances

Got a hair dryer years ago when I had longer hair. Never really used it and have short hair now. Started using it to warm up beard balm a bit before applying it. Lovely stuff.

(He’s not my boss any more but is still in a more senior position than me)

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Use this sort of utensil to close the little secondary windows that I can’t quite reach the handle of when they’re open


Sit on the toaster like a rock
No need to worry about a shock.

Hair straighteners make a great clothes iron

Also good for retrieving cat toys from under the sofa. Got to the point where the cat would knock her ball under there then go and sit by the straighteners to wait for me to get it out.


When I was a teenager, I took the cover off one of the speakers of the hifi we had at home, then I found the bassiest music I could find (Massive Attack I think), changed the EQ so that bass was at full and everything else was at lowest, then played the music very loud while resting my erect penis against the speaker cone. As I was getting closer and closer to orgasm, I was turning the volume louder and louder till the point where it very clearly was audible to most of the street.

I was inspired to try it out after watching the film Private Parts about Howard Stern.


dishes in the washing machine


This props up my theory that all households should have a litter picker in their inventory as standard. One thats sort of built into the sofa for times when cats/dogs/babies have fallen asleep on you and you don’t want to disturb them by moving.


Hairdryer to warm the bed is a new one for me this winter. Only need 30 seconds to make it pretty toasty.

Precious memories, thanks for sharing


Oh my god

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Also good for eating crisps without the greasiness.

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Ctrl F ‘electric toothbrush’

Reckon you could convert a hoover to give yourself a colonic, if you needed to

I remember people at school straightening their hair with a clothes iron as well, which was quite terrifying

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what the hell man??!?

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My two mates always used to put me on hair ironing duty for them at the weekend and they’d always be demanding I got as close to their scalp as possible. Very stressful times.

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Cook crumpets by ironing them

Defrost things from the freezer using a hairdryer

Tumble dryer can double up as an oven in a pinch.

Spoiler alert!