Although I'm proud of my dad


…for inventing the rear view mirror, we’re not as close as we appear to be.

Tell me a joke!


Still pleased with this one from Hallowe’en



Why do you never see hippopotamuses hiding in trees?

Because they’re really good at it.


I’ll never forget what my granddad said to me before he kicked the bucket… “Want to see how far I can kick this bucket?”


People in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones.

But people in Abu Dhabi do!


I bought the world’s worst thesaurus yesterday. Not only is it terrible, it’s terrible.


I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my granddad, not screaming in terror like his passengers.


This made me do an officelol


why is v a monster? because it always comes after u.


I can’t find the punchline. What happened after the officelol?


Last night, while making dinner, I accidentally rubbed some herbs in my eyes. I’m now parsley sighted


What sport do you play with a wombat?


Anything you like, it can’t hear you


:smiley: you absolute…
No. The answer is wom.


Knock knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting cow.

Interrupting cow whMOO


Why did the baker have brown hands?

he kneaded a poo


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Europe who?

No, YOU’RE a poo!


Too soon :sob: