Alton Towers, then

Just gone and announced a new rollercoaster, as is their wont. Called Wicker Man, seems to be a wooden rollercoaster themed around death and being burned alive like the movie, using fire as a theme.

Tasteless, considering the accident? Or just part of the play and the game that they’re in.

Hot takes wanted.


Why would it be tasteless? Are they not allowed to announce new attractions now?

Wait why would it be tasteless considering the accident?

Why would it tournoi tasteless?

FAO Everyone - I am not saying it is tasteless. Far from it, I’m fucking well excited and would have ridden The Smiler the day after the accident.

The reaction on Twitter is, however, different.

Nicholas Cage was burned alive at Alton Towers


Thought this was going to be a DiS Alton Towers meet up thread.

Absolutely loved Smiler and this Wicker chap looks promising!


@Witches to thread…

Not tasteless. Themes of death and accidents are used in rollercoasters all the time in order to go hand in hand with the sense of peril you’re meant to be facing.

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Roller coasters

  • Love them
  • Hate them
  • Meh

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Theme parks generally

  • Fun
  • Bleak and awful

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Bleak and awful apart from Blackgang Chine which is so bleak and awful it manages to be incredible.

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I’ve had a look at the map and stuff, and this is replacing the log flume ride, right?

I quite liked that one.

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The worse the theme park, the better. Really shit ones are a fun curiosity. Would rather go Blackpool pleasure beach than universal studios or whatever

Like rollercoasters, hate hate hate theme parks and everyone in them.


That’s pretty much the sentiment in this little classic. Blackgang Chine is Chapter One!

Reckon I’m due a visit to Alton Towers. Went loads around the time they launched Rita, this new one looks good.

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My Grandfather didn’t really like fun or children, but once he took me to Blackgang Chine. It was a bit like the Cormac McCarthy novel The Road, but less heartwarming.


I do hope Rita is a human cannonball