Always found it weird that butter beans aren't more popular, tbh

Taste = good.
Texture = good.
Price = good.

I eat them cold sometimes, but generally just bung a couple of tins in a small pan and cook with lime and chilli seasoning.

Great with steak. Ain’t that the truth.

The humble butter bean. Well bloody done.


never even heard of them.

Man there’s so many foods out there!

I don’t believe this post.

are they the same beans as baked beans but cooked differently?

I find them a bit slimy, but I think I’ve only ever had tinned ones.

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Put them in their own juice with olive oil, lemon juice & rind, salt and pepper in a blender and you have a sauce right there that fits well within any of @anon5266188’s quick dinner rules.

(I call it liquid cassoulet @colinfilth)


I’ve not tried them as an adult, had them in school dinners in the 70s and I found them utterly grim texture wise, really chalky, and it put me off for life (see also liver :nauseated_face:), but this is more likely an indictment of 70s school dinners than the food itself!


nope, baked beans are haricot beans (I think).


No chocolate biscuit factory should be without them.

The butter bean recipe in this is delicious

people on here know so much!

most of it of little practical use!

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Lime is good with everything pretty much

Butter beans are well good. I used to put them in my chilli. Swapped them for chickpeas now. Kidney beans can gtfo.

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I had this the other day:


Very very very nice.
But theres no fucking way it’s a dip. It’s too dry! It’s like mashed potato texture.

I use them all the time in a sausage and chopped tomato stew.

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from the man who claims he’s never had a lemon

Yeah I’ve always said this

Stand by this opinion.


use 'em all the time mate. Definitely in the top 5 canned beans

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