Am I going to die?

I drank a can of drink which i had broken the tab off. it left a little bit of sharp metal that broke off which fell in.

I thought I’d be able to drink carefully and catch it in my mouth but upon completion of the drink it is apparent that I have swallowed it.

This is now the EmO memorial thread


RIP emo, you were a good one


Eventually, yes, you probably will die.

The mEmOrial thread

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Maybe this is your superhero origin story.

I meant soon

Remember that time @elthamsmateowen drank a can of drink which he had broken the tab off and then swallowed it?

(so help me god if no one nudges this over the line I’ll kick right off.)

No, but you will shit out a knife

–Dr. Doublesspresso

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Swallow a magnet on the end of a length of string, then retrieve


Or he could wait 10 or so hours, put a magnet on the end of a

Maybe you will gain the powers of a can and a new breed of superhero will be born

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I fucking well hope not

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“oh no the old well has a leak in it and we’re losing liquid fast. We need to save it or we’ll be surely doomed! How can we retain the water, our rubbish human bodies will just expel it eventually. Oh I wish there was someone, someone out there who could save us”

The Cantankeror


Bit harsh mate

how small was the piece of metal?