Am I right in thinking you don't see many Vauxhall cars these days

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See loads of them. Insignias mainly, but yeah, still a lot knocking around


You don’t see them advertised anywhere anymore (aaa). Their day in the sun was twenty years ago.

Used to enjoy the novelty of Opels on holiday.


/ in Donegal


still can’t believe Vauxhall aren’t the main guys

same with Walkere Crisps

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Le walkeres avec M. Linekere


Lay’s Fromage & Papin

Weird, they don’t even look familiar to me

Grew up right near this absolutely massive Vauxhall facility in Luton.

Look at the size of that bad boy.

I reckon people don’t notice them as their styling isn’t particularly unusual. They just blend into the general traffic background

All cars look the same now don’t they. We live in boring automotive times

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More choice = fewer Vauxhalls

Insignia was a ubiquitous rep/business a few years ago, but the diesels were very, very prone to doing a massive and permanent poo which rendered them totally uneconomical to repair, hence now nowhere near so many around compared to Mondeo etc frk. Same era. Same with any of their cars with that family of engine (zafira etc).

Sorry for boring answer; I am a boring mechanic! Xx


vauxhall that about

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Grew up with Vauxhall cars. They’re some of the only cars I really recognise tbh.

Noticed a vauxhall for the first time in years recently.

It was quite futuristic looking with a black strip across the lights and grill.

The derivation/history of the word Vauxhall is mildly interesting.

Always get them a bit confused with Volkswagen tbh