Am I the only person who doesn't like Christmas?

Awkward conversations, feeling guilty for not getting good presents for other people, chance to reflect on how lonely your life is and how weird you are, cheesy TV and movies you have to watch for some reason.

Can’t wait for January 2nd.

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in case you want a poll

  • I like christmas
  • I don’t like christmas

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I would doubt it


I like the food. I like time off. I like spending time with friends and family. I like the lights. I like that it makes children happy.

I don’t like the ‘event’ of Christmas. The music is bad. Buying loads of tat is bad. The expectation that everyone must love Christmas is bad.


Aye as with all these things, I like a lot of it and some parts are a bit grim … like all the unnecessary buying and the fact I have to see my pervy uncle.

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Work parties jfc, the work parties

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My dad doesn’t like Christmas, so there you go that’s at least 2.

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hell no!


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There’s plenty I don’t like about it but also plenty I love. Food, seeing folks and friends back home, playing with my dog, getting asked by my da if I want a hot whiskey every fifteen minutes. My village also hosts an annual walk on Christmas Day for a neighbour who passed away in 2008, and there’s nothing more Christmas than that.

Gift giving is a headache but we’ve mitigated that by having a nuclear family secret santa with a strict budget (it’s “Santa approved” for the benefit of our special needs sibling, while my other sibling and I think she’s old enough to understand that but we have to bite our tongue, so even the nice things have their downsides lol). There’s also been some big deaths in the family in 2022 which will make things bittersweet.

I’ve also successfully avoided my work christmas party for the past four years.

oh and I don’t mind some cheesy Christmas shite on TV, but christmas song hype in the weeks up to Christmas is deeply annoying.


I like work Christmas parties


i like christmas eve but the rest is rubbish.

Used to like it, and fully can get behind a few days of eating/drinking too much but I’m 32 and without a partner or child so it offers me nothing different from literally any sunday tbh.


On no other day of the year are you permitted by the law of god to sing the secret bonus verse to O Come All Ye Faithful. So there’s that


I can’t enter churches unless I’m invited first.




Used to. The last couple and this one coming have been difficult for personal reasons. Been a struggle telling family that I’d like to spend Christmas Day alone this year because I really can’t face the thought of having to put a front on. So much of what I used to love, really love just isn’t there anymore.


A very famous author wrote a very famous book about just such a person!

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Mr Anti-Christmas, by John Grisham


Not religious, don’t have kids, don’t like traditional Christmas food and family was always super low key on Christmas so a bit of a non-event really.

Do like the excuse to spend the day cooking, hanging out with/giving presents to my partner and watching films.

Don’t know what I’d do if I was on my own, probably just spend the whole day walking the dog.


  • time off work
  • getting pissed
  • eating loads of food
  • receiving gifts


  • cost
  • having to go shopping
  • shite telly, a few things aside
  • almost all the music
  • seeing extended family
  • the crushing loneliness