AMA S03E01 iamwiggy

It’s time to ask wiggo ANYTHING

please respect for format and please have a nice time

@iamwiggy good luck


Hi Wiggy, long time fan first time caller. What do you look for in great social media content?


Good to get it out of the way


Hi Wiggy! The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines “wiggy” as “marked by excessive gravity and formality”, whereas has it as “crazy or eccentric” and “crazed or delirious”. How do you reconcile these two contrasting definitions, and which one do you think best sums you up?


Morning Wiggy, big fan of your work.
What’s your favourite hot sandwich?
What’s the biggest animal you reckon you could win a fight against?

Thanks in advance! Have a lovely day!

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Have you ever tried any wigs, and if so, what colour and style were they?

@iamwiggy can I ask, as you’re a good lad, if you could please QUOTE each post when you’re answering it, for maximum context efficiency.


Sorry for the srs question, but do you enjoy all the stuff that goes on in the great stuff on social media thread?

I think it’s all done with love but conscious it might cross a line sometimes or just bother you generally… Can’t speak for everyone but I’d stop contributing to that side of the thread if I knew it did

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Can you explain the context of that picture you wanted editing, where you had a sheet (?) wrapped around you? What exactly was going on there?

All best,


what are your thoughts on zucchinis

Hi wiggy,

What is your origin story?

Hi wiggy, what’s the ‘funniest’ wig you’ve tried on? If you have a photo that would be fun to share.

Morning Wiggy, how’s your cutlery situation at the moment? Too many of something, not enough of something else?

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genuinely I’m not sure, I just scroll past a lot of content and every now and then (or maybe slightly more often than that) I think it’s something for the DiS Great Thing thread.

no doubt it’s shocking to learn that there is actually not a system

Wiggy has been my name since I was very small, it comes from my sister learning (failing) to say my name. I was known to pretty much everyone as Wiggy all the way through school and university, it was only when I started working in a call centre and had to use my real name that Wiggy couldn’t be used by everyone. I therefore still think of Wiggy as being the side of me that’s a bit mad/my stage name and my real name as being the sensible name.

remember the butterfly-hash-brown-gate?

so yeah probably fried egg, bacon, hash browns

as a teenager, I lost an arm-wrestle against the sister who nicknamed me Wiggy and she’s two years younger than me

ever since then, I’ve assumed I could probably not defeat anything larger than a duck

Scottish stag do, I wore this hat, containing a wig. a ginger wig!

had already started doing this!

yes, in fact I think it is… great

I’d been up all night, it was sunny, I thought I’d get sunburnt so I got something to wrap around me. then my mate took a picture. drink had been taken.

courgettes are pretty good, yes

dunno what this means tbh

incredibly I have already answered this

I’ll get a picture


Hey wigman! If you could take only 5 of your favourite memes to a desert island what would they be?


Good morning wiggy, big fan. What is your favourite place in London?

Do you think mornings have a particular smell? No weak bants.


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Beautiful quoting, my friend

Hey @iamwiggy

How do you sleep at night?

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