AMA S03E01 iamwiggy

Hey @iamwiggy, long-time listener, first-time caller. How are you today? Great! I’m fine thanks.

There are 14 flavours in the Walkers Classic range. Could you rank them in preference order please?

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Hi wiggy

If you were dropped naked into a forest with no provisions, what would you do

Hi wiggy,

Put your hand in the fridge and pull out the first thing you touch…what is it?

hi wiggy

can u give any context behind that incredible photo of you standing in what looks like in a disused industrial space with a white cloth banded around your chest and big hair?

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hi wiggy

ever worn any ‘wigs?’
also what’s the deal with the infamous ‘star wars’ photo?
oh and how do you find all the great things on social media thread content?

thank you!


Hi @iamwiggy

So many questions, so little time

  • what is the ideal beard length?
  • last gig you went to?
  • what is the best investment advice you have ever received?
  • describe your ideal fry-up?
  • the dancefloor is empty, and you’re the DJ - what record do you play?
  • where do you store Camembert?
  • what was your favourite subject at school?
  • why is The Sopranos better than Game Of Thrones?
  • favourite Dutch footballer?
  • when will we meet again?


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I’ve posted over 600 times across the two Great Thing threads, so choosing favourites is impossible

I could lose an entire day thinking of the answer to this, but for I’ll go with The Islington cos the sound has been either good or very good for every gig I’ve been to there.


not great thank you smee, my mattress is shit and the bed under it is breaking

salt n shake > ready salted > salt n v > smokey bacon > cheese n onion > worcester sauce > roast chicken > ketchup > prawn cocktail > marmite

(haven’t tried the others but SPICY SRIRACHA sound good)

I would ponder how I could turn my situation into a social media at a later date

this is a good one! it was a ring of chorizo cos I’m making this later in my slow cooker :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Slow cooker Spanish chicken recipe | BBC Good Food

jordan_numbers asked me this earlier! it was the back garden of my old house

somewhere there’s a pic of me and old time DiSer dan_thw pretending to have a lightsabre battle with broomsticks

think I’ve now answered the first two twice!

I just [Fred Durst voice] keep on scrollin’, baby

  • mine is currently tied up with a hair tie, it’s not ideal
  • Slamboree @ Hootananny
  • have never invested money but I’ve invested time in various things
  • they’re not that good (see thread I posted a while ago)
  • if it’s empty I can play whatever I want, so I’d like to play L’Enfant Sauvage by Gojira from the album of the same title. I heard it for the first time the other day and it was so heavy it literally made me eyes water
  • in a fridge at my house cos I bake them, so it’s the logical choice
  • music obviously
  • I don’t watch tv apart from sports
  • the non-flying dutchman
  • dunno, hopefully soon-ish

Thanks @iamwiggy. Adding that to the spreadsheet x

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Great song, great album!

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Thanks for all this Wiggy, but can you tell me, have you ever worn a wig?

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Ooh good one!

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If you could put a wig on any dinosaur, which would you choose?


one of the really massive ones that move slowly

one of these lads with 5m of long flowing hair or a mohawk that goes along their entire length


really enjoying the justaposition of the threads open right now, I’m posting pics of my cutlery draw, while I have the private school and coronavirus threads open

the fuck is going on here :woozy_face:
you have compartments with forks, spoons and chopsticks all jumbled up next to each other :upside_down_face:

edit: and putting your kitchen knife in the drainer like that :scream: :man_facepalming:


and why are the teaspoons pointing down and not up :confused:

and youve got a fucking paintbrush in there!?
dear god.


Well this is most alarming.

Who’d have thought that ‘posting in the Great Social Media Things’ thread wouldn’t be the most offensive thing wiggy would do this week


You got enough tin openers, m9??

Are those three basters as well? Pervert

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