AMA S03E02 Laelfy

It is time to ask @laelfy anything

Please have a lovely time and do respect the format.

@laelfy how are you?

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Hi Laelfy, hope you’re well.

Where’d your username come from?


Favourite place to eat in The Greatest City in the World, Glasgow, outwith pandemic-times?

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@laelfy Ben’s Cookies or Tebay?


@laelfy Oxford out of 10?

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one of the most pleasing scottish terms


@laelfy if you had a chance to set up a food truck business, pretty swanky van but room for maybe only 2 or 3 people on board at a time and only basic equipment - what kinda food would you be serving?

fish and chips question: are you a same-order-without-fail gal, or would you consider mixing it up when it comes to the fish side of things. so perhaps a haddock catches your eye. or even a plaice.

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Hello laelfy

I’m pronouncing it lale-fee. Is that correct?

All the best,


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Hey @laelfy

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

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like squint, I had absolutely no idea it was a regional thing until people on here pointed it out

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@escutcheon see fb

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Sorry I was away doing other things

Some good questions so far so I’m about to start answering

hi leafo. you have £10 to spend on lunch on anything that’s commonly available on an average UK highstreet. what’ll it be?

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oh oh oh oh @laelfy favourite rollercoaster?


I’m great joke, but there’s people drilling 70m into the rock right outside my lounge/office so I’d really rather they stopped.

Hi @laelfy what are your top 3 favourite places in Scotland that you reckon others should not give a miss?

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Good morning @laelfy, big fan here. Long-time listener, first-time caller. I originally had a question regarding smells, but I’d like you to rank the fourteen (14) flavours of crisps in the Walkers Classic range please, according to your personal preference. Wondered if you could do a quick hello and shout out to my friend Etienne on his birthday!

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Hi laelfy! Massive fan.

How did you get into the work that you do? And do you enjoy it?

Hope you’re having a good day!

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Hi sheeldz,

My username is a mix up of letters from my name.

My favourite place to eat in Glasgow at the moment is Ka Pao - tasty Thai tapas. I haven’t been to all that many places since I moved home though so I need to improve that post covid

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