AMA S03E03 Zorb

Hello everyone

It’s the turn of @zorb

Post your questions to @zorb

@zorb, if you could quote each question as you answer them that’d be lovely


Ever been in a zorb, @zorb?

Hi @zorb, big fan. My question is ‘how are you?’

Good morning Zorb! Hope you’re well.
Do you have any special talents or party tricks?
What’s your ideal burger?

Thanks in advance x

Hi @Zorb, been a big fan since the early days and I’ve still got those indie replies that all these other newbs won’t have heard of until you sold out and re-released them. Bit nervous here so bear with me. There are 14 flavours in the Walkers Classic crisps range: can you please rank them in order of preference? Thanks so much!

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Hey Zorb!

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

I have not would love to one day, recommended?

No idea

I’m fine thanks pal, enjoying the morning sun on my walk to work.

Not really, once came 12th in a national archery competition and recently learned how to turn crisp packets into triangles.

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Mushroom and halloumi burgers are always a treat.


Zorb would you say you were risk averse?

Hello Zorb,

Which Winter Olympic sport do you think you would be best at? And which would you most like to do?

All the best,


i would start a whole new AMA for me just to answer this. i love the WOs so much

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Yesssss! Such a highlight not the endless fucking curling though. Get well patriotic, flag in the window and all.

Can’t believe we’ve had a summer with no olympics :sob: just wanna run to u tokyo x

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there’s just no bad WO event. i could watch the speed skating all day, i fucking love the skiing despite hating it irl. It’s all so good. Man. i might buy one of those highlights DVDs

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I was going to ask that, further to this question, can you rate your experience? My 1 time in a zorb was 50% wildly fun and 50% intensely stressful and would like to hear your thoughts on this

Who are you asking here? Neither Zorb or I have ever Zorbed

RTF! Questions for Zorb only.