AMA S03E03 Zorb

but zorb already said zorb had never zorbed, so I was confused

Oops asking @zorb

I’m not taking issue with your confusion, I’m taking issue with you asking @avocado a question.

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@zorb what’s happening here?

am i allowed to ask a question about this?

Oh I didnt even see that zorb answered the question :woozy_face: I’ll just go now

What is a @zorb?

shakes fist in anger

Morning, zorb

1a) Do you remember when we won the AQOS tag-team cup?
1b) That was good wasn’t it?

2 Can you draw a crab?

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@zorb since this reply is not a question for you, does it respect the format?

Hello zorb. Which television or cartoon character would you say that you are most like, and why?

Hey Zorb, do you look to be going a little grey? Are you okay with that or are you going to be dyeing it?

Has zorb forsaken us for work? READ THE ROOM, ZORBY

Hey @zorb! If you could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be?

Those were the days!

Of the ones I’ve tried C&O > B&O > RC > SB > S&S > RS > PC > S&V.

Had these recently would recommend the crunch


I would say I was 65% risk averse.

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Thanks @zorb! I’m updating the spreadsheet now xox

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this is too risky for me i’m afraid

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Hello Zorb, what is your favorite bird? Thanks