AMA S03E04 Froglet

it’s time to quiz…


Ask your questions, respect the format, have a nice time

hi Froglet, how are you today?

I’m OK, which is how I think I always respond when people ask me how I am?

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hi froglet

what is currently annoying you more than anything else?


which is your favourite Greek island and why?

hello froglet

i would like to know what the best film you have film clubbed is thank you



What’s your favourite tree?

hi froglet, japes stole my question so I don’t have anything to ask but I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of your work. ok, bye now.


Froglet, hi, hello.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?


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At this moment I would say my seating arrangements because I’ve been using my laptop on my legs in various sitting down positions but none of them are very good for long term wfh

The one I liked most when I visited was Lesbos because it has nature reserves round a lot of the coast so a lot of the beaches are covered in hermit crabs and other wildlife. I don’t know how the situation has changed now that they’re using it as a concentration camp for refugees, however.

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Hi Froglet,

Do you consider yourself more English garden frog, or tropical rainforest frog?

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and i’d do it again

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Hi @froglet, what’s the worst film club film you’ve seen?


hi @froglet, which film club member do you hate most

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Hi Alexa,

What’s the best new to you album that you’ve listened to this year?

Princess mononoke. Boring answer because I’ve seen it lots of times, but it is good

Silver birch because I like the white bark

Oh, my ex handed me a bag of wool in a colour I would absolutely never wear and a small, very badly knitted rectangle and told me that he had intended to learn to knit (with help from our housemate) and knit me a hat, but he gave up so maybe I could just finish it myself. I did not. It was a nice thought but as he didn’t actually follow through on the thought I don’t think I can give him any credit for it.


Excellent answer, thank you.

Hey froggo what are the top 3 alcoholic drinks (or if you don’t drink let’s say hot drinks)

Hey @froglet! Can’t believe I actually got through, omg, I’m a huge fan. My parents got me into your stuff when I was little and it always stayed with me growing up. This is a big moment for me! I’ve got just one small request for such a big supporter: there are 14 flavours in the Walkers Crisps Classics range, could you please rank them in preference order? Quick shout out to my dog Badger who I haven’t taken for a walk yet today. UP THE TOFFEES!


I think of myself as a Clangers froglet, but as they’re bright orange I think if anything I’d have to be a gaudy, extremely poisonous tropical frog

Probably Waterworld but it was a good film club film

All of them equally, with a passion (not really)

Ban request

I think my favourite so far might be Illuminati Hotties - Free IH

I don’t drink so I’ll go for hot drinks and say hot chocolate, tea (not too strong, milk 1 sugar), cappuccino


Hi @froglet

So many questions, so little time

No teeth or no hair?
Favourite food to eat on holiday?
Best song you’ve discovered recently?
Favourite soap?
What time do you get up in the morning?
When was the last time you bought a magazine for yourself? And what was it?
Worst drunken injury you have sustained?
How do you feel about infant tadpoles?
Does raw, unprocessed fruit qualify as edible food?
When was the last time you were wrong about food?


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