AMA S03E05 Hexagram

It’s time to ask @hexagram some questions!

Please respect the format and have a nice time

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Hi hexagram, how are you?

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@hexagram Is it the shape, the number of sides or something else that you find most appealing?

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Hi @hexagram please share you top 5 pokemon

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Dear @hexagram, thank you for the opportunity over the past few years, though I feel it’s time for me to spread my wings and expand my horizons, so I hereby give four weeks notice of my intention to leave. I’ve learned a lot under your tutelage, and will hold my time here in fond regard. I will be available for a further two weeks after my end date to assist with a transition process if needed, at the usual day rate. With that, I have one final question: There are 14 flavours in the Walkers Classic crisps range; would you please place them in order of preference?

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Not bad pal, sorry I keep missing the quiz! Me and my other half keep trying to find time to do it together, then miss the deadline :sob:

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My username is a song from an album I was playing heavily when I first signed up to DiS in 2003 (!)

That said, I do like six-sided/pointed shapes, as six is a perfect number (sum of its factors) and that’s pretty cool. Might get a unicursal hexagram tat one of these days


Outstanding question!

Always like Mamoswine - big and cuddly, unique Ice/Ground typing that hits almost everything in the game

Garchomp! Played a lot of gen 4. Sleek and mean, great colour scheme, excellent in-game.

Scrafty. Love the way this guy has to keep pulling his trousers up. Used to have near-perfect coverage until fairies arrived and ruined his day!

Eelektross. Electric with Levitate, lol no weaknesses. MOtherfucker Im EEL

Maybe Noivern? Boomburst is such a good move

I update this list regularly, as my daughter is well into Pokémon and we have long discussions about it :+1:


We will be sorry to see you go, and wish you luck in all your future endeavours. Please ensure any IT equipment is returned at the end of your notice period, and make sure you have no food left in the fridge.

  1. RS - classic, always the right time for these
  2. Cheese&O - Walkers C&O are a cut above other brands
  3. S&V
  4. Beef
  5. Worcester - fun little number
  6. Ketchup
  7. Prawny c
  8. Smoky b
  9. Chicken
  10. P Onion
  11. Salt n shake - novelty, no point

Haven’t tried:

  • Sriracha, could be great
  • Pulled pork - where dies this fit between smoky B and beef?
  • Marmite, but Marmite Mini Cheddars are excellent
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Thank you very much, I’ll have the spreadsheet updated by close of play.

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Having a cheeky go on Pokémon Showdown now (random battles)

hello hexagram

if you could put a curse on someone through the post i’d like to know who it would be and what curse


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hi hexo,

long time fan. could you tell us one thing you’ve enjoyed about lockdown and one thing you have not enjoyed? thank you.


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Good question! So presumably can’t curse someone like Trump as he doesn’t open his own post, hmm

Maybe a high-ranking Tory (the higher the better), so that whenever they speak in public, their browser history appears on all TVs and front pages in the land


Thought I’d not miss commuting, but I do kind of miss the buffer time between work and home (good time for gaming). I certainly enjoy not paying for commuting though! And more family time, and working on my own laptop so I can blast tunes all day

But haven’t really moved much in six months, it feels like - quite liked working in town near interesting things. Guess it’s human contact you miss - for instance, I think the last DiS meat I went to was Hyde Park last summer with @Gnometorious, @Avery, @wileycat, @AcceptanceIII, @TheBarbieMovie2023 and more gbols. Brought the tiny comrade, had a blast, hopefully next year!

Wonder what the next DiS meat will be - socially distanced bag of cans probably


Hi Hexagram,

Why isn’t luggage hire a widespread thing? Suitcases take up loads of room for something you barely ever use, why can’t you just hire one for the week?




Hi @hexagram! Hope you’re having a splendid day.

What’s your favourite ever DiS moment/thread/etc?

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Hi hexo what is the best and worst thing about being a father?

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hey hexagram, one more

how would you rank the main shapes?


That’s.a good question. Sadly, our new business lead has just handed in their notice, so we are currently under-capacity on the development side

Christmas tree hire as well!