AMA S03E05 Hexagram

Hi Hexagram,

Why isn’t luggage hire a widespread thing? Suitcases take up loads of room for something you barely ever use, why can’t you just hire one for the week?




Hi @hexagram! Hope you’re having a splendid day.

What’s your favourite ever DiS moment/thread/etc?

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Hi hexo what is the best and worst thing about being a father?

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hey hexagram, one more

how would you rank the main shapes?


That’s.a good question. Sadly, our new business lead has just handed in their notice, so we are currently under-capacity on the development side

Christmas tree hire as well!

You too chum! I like weird forum culture here in general (AQOS, early X lyrics needed work, alright X, thunderbirds.gif and all that), there aren’t many places left like that it seems

I don’t often start threads, but here’s one I did, just after the new forums launched four years ago (!!):

Learned a lot of Photoshop skill dicking around there, ngl. Love the ones where people here get creative in weird ways, like this:

Politics threads are great, and ‘doesn’t even rhyme’ obviously. This place is great value, def worth a fiver a month :+1:


Hi there, hexagram.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you in the past week?

Hi @hexagram

So many questions, so little time

What is your favourite Deftones song?
Can you recommend a summer hat?
Best Nintendo game?
What is the greatest film of the last 10 years?
Can you list the ingredients for a perfect burger?
What’s the greatest agent of human progress ever created?
Favourite London pub?
Best thing to put on toast?
What do you call a fish with no eyes?
Know any other dad jokes?


  1. Hexagon - bees’ favourite, and bees are a gbol, happy to go along with that
  2. Square - solid. Easiest way to understand dimensions (line > square > cube > tesseract)
  3. Circle - pleasing and mysterious
  4. Triangle - variety (isosceles, right angle, equilateral), trigonometry is kind of fun-ish

I read a bit of wiki on shapes in 4D and beyond - tesseracts/penteracts/hexeracts, it was all very cool and mind-blowing

My phone died on Sunday, got a new one on Tuesday (Moto G8 Power), loving that new tech feel! Also saw my parents last weekend, and they brought tons of food as they always do (home-made curry and fish pie, omg)


Ah, that FOTL thread was fantastic! Great idea

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That’s a really good question. Best things are having little people in whom you can try and install the best bits of yourself, and it’s great seeing them develop into their own people regardless of all that!

Before lockdown, having a tiny boy get really excited to see me when I got home was really nice! And my daughter is of an age where you can talk to her properly, she has her own thoughts and opinions. All very nice.

But - don’t know if you have kids - it’s tiring! Especially at first, although it does get easier. Also everything about kids is expensive (childcare costs how much lololol), and I worry about the future for them. Uni will cost a fortune, but there’s a chance that healthcare will too if the NHS is privatised, and what will working conditions be like for normal people? Will they grow up in a tory dictatorship? Basically worried that we’re giving them a worse life than we had, rather than better

But tiny boy said ‘potato’ once and I think he was talking to me!


A list both thorough and detailed, like the man himself. Here we go!

Deftones: varies! When Girls Telephone Boys, You’ve Seen the Butcher, What Happened to You?, Acid Hologram
Summer hat: I have a nice straw ‘man from Del Monte’ hat, love it, it feels a bit more distinguished than a baseball cap
Nintendo game: no idea! Enjoying the Castlevania and Golden Sun series at the moment, loved Xenoblade too
Film of the last 10 years: don’t seem to watch many films! Rugoe One was good though, love Donnie Yen
Burger: I had a beef/lamb burger at a place in Chingford about two years ago that was incredible, think it had parmesan and rocket on it. Dead simple, dead great. Otherwise, cheese, pickles and mustard OR lettuce, tomato and mayo on whatever patty. Had a bit of an Impossible Burger once, 8/10, would eat all the time if cheaper
Progress: probably toilets and sanitation! Proper loos make cities possible/nice to live in, and most of the innovations happen in cities, so it’s the prerequisite for everything else. Imagine having no loos!
London pub: I like the little alleyway pubs in central London - Red Lion in St James’s, Nell Gwynne off the Strand - and Sam Smith’s. I grew up in a Young’s pub, so those too (although they were better in the old days etc)
Toast: Cheese, mature cheddar, Red Leicester, whatever, blast of Worcestershire sauce or something like it (got some Polish liquid smoke that’s basically MSG and I love it). Immense
Fish: FSH! Love that one!
Jokes: Doctor, I’m addicted to Twitter! I’m sorry, I don’t follow you.

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Are these the main shapes? Maybe there’s a thread in that

Maybe the main ones are circle, square, triangle, cross, select and start

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Hello Hexagram,

If you were going on Come Dine With Me what would you cook?
What is your favourite type of footwear?
If you could ride around on any animal, what would it be? (if the animal is small you can temporarily shrink to fit on it)
What is your bed time?

Thank you and I hope you are having a good day


That was a fun day :blush:

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Hi @hexagram,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

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Maybe some chicken thighs? I’m pretty good at those: brining overnight, seared in the pan then roasted. Crispy skin and tasty. I made a decent chili the other day too (though that was mostly down to the ancho chili powder, amazing stuff)

Actually, just cheese on toast :+1:

I’ve wanted some new shoes since before lockdown, but there didn’t seem much point in getting them if I wasn’t going anywhere! DMs sort of thing. Had a nice pair of Grinders’ chunky brogues, they were excellent - something like that

Although probably slip-on trainers for taking the bins out will do for now!

Maybe a sausage dog, nice fuzzy coat, seems like it’d be a comfy ride around the park. Thought about a dragonfly or something, but that would actually be terrifying

Generally shortly after the wee man’s! A lot of the time we put him to sleep with us, then you’re already in bed and we’ve already had dinner so zzzzz

But then you end up awake at 2am, not ideal…

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Should have seen this coming. Feel like one of those queens on Drag Race who doesn’t have a Snatch Game planned even though it happens every damn time

Ankylosaurus? Spiky, club-tailed little guy, reminds me of a porcupine. Seems like a good sort

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