AMA S2E1: Rarity

Ask @Rarity anything you like.

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To get the ball rolling:

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be, and why?


Can you admit that you prefer us to SA now


Hi Rarity,

When you joined up with the other SA people, was there anything specific that kept you coming back? If so what was it?

Thanks and have a good day x

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Hi Rarity,

Just how much of a rarity are you?


Hi Rarity,

What is your perfect way to spend a Sunday?

Who would win in a shoot between brock lesnar and minoru suzuki?

Hi rarity, who is your favourite disser and why? What do you not like about dis?


Whats the best fruit Rarity?

Awwww yeah baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Things people may want to ask me about:

  • Being trans
  • Being a sex worker (retired)
  • I have very strong opinions about crisps
  • The musical genre ‘pop’ (1996 - 2011)
  • Kids TV shows of the 90s
  • Video game history
  • The madcap adventures of my youth

Looking forward to this, everybody get hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype :grin::grin::grin:


Please rank the mane six ponies from best to worst?

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Which (my little) pony would win in the following match formats:

  • Elimination Chamber
  • Royal Rumble
  • Money in the Bank

Which pony would be Rarity’s tag partner?

This is a tough question and one I’ve never really considered! I wouldn’t want to be a T-rex cause they have stubby arms and aren’t able to hold Xbox controllers. I wouldn’t want to be a velociraptor cause then I’d be relegated to minor obstacle in an action movie. On reflection I’d go with a pteradactyl cause they can fly and getting to experience flying would be really fucking cool.

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A popular choice in season 1. Solid answer. :+1:

I would like to know how you would rank the members of Blue - from best to worst - and why.

I would also love to know your top 10 pop songs of the Noughties.



Hi! What happened to pop music in 2011?

I like you both in different ways! SA is a much bigger community so there’s a lot more chat going on there and overall they’re a bit funnier than you (sorry). However, because DiS is a smaller community and because its instantly updating everything’s more conversational which makes you guys feel more friendly.


What’s the most annoying/offensive misinterpretation about trans people, and what is the question that you wish people would ask about it but never do


I’m interested to know if you have noticed a perceptible difference in general treatment/attitude towards you as a woman compared to as a man? Work opportunities, general harassment that kind of thing.

Which is the best Kids Show of the 90s and why is is Knightmare?