AMA S2E10: aboynamedgoo

Hi @aboynamedgoo do you particularly like the colour orange or is it one you aren’t bothered about?

  1. Hoe gaat het?
  2. What are your favourite places to visit in The Netherlands?
  3. What are some Dutch words or phrases that a Dutch person would be shocked to hear from a British person (e.g. I’ve started calling people gast at work as I was told this is a term teenagers use to refer to each other)?
  4. Rank the top 5 cities in the Netherlands.
  5. What is the best example of traditional Dutch cuisine?

I don’t really follow the lower leagues, so I wasn’t really familiar with him. I’ve just read up on what he did. I’m fine with that. There are no loyalties in modern professional football.

Traditional Dutch food is in general truly awful. But we all know and love the biscuits called “stroopwafels”. The Sinterklaas sweets are fairly decent, as is the traditional Christmas stollen called “kerst stol”. But the only food, other than cheese obviously, I bring back is liquorice, in particular:

Dubbel zoute drop

I never liked any of Numan’s music, and I have enjoyed several of the films Oldham has been in, so that is an easy choice:

Gary Oldman

Different wine for different needs.

Rosé: on a hot summer’s day, pre-dinner with some olives on the side

White: in spring, while eating a light lunch, e.g. steamed asparagus with jersey royals, a poached egg and hollandaise

Red: in autumn and winter to accompany a bean stew or a hearty pasta dish. And with stinky cheese, obviously (all year round)

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=== LUNCH BREAK ====

back in 30 mins

I object to to calling the defeat ‘humiliating’. They were the better team, but we gave it a go. We dust ourselves off and prepare for the next challenge. You can’t win games if you don’t try!


Thank you for your answer! :smiley:

Unrelated follow up question, how does it feel knowing that Italy and the Netherlands’s chances in the World Cup will be crushed by the mighty French? :smirk:

Highest: approx. 17,500 ft above sea level (climbing a volcano in the Atacama desert, Chile)

Lowest: 250 ft below sea level (Eurostar tunnel)

I love hiking up mountains, so that is easily what I prefer given the choice. As long as you take time to adapt to high altitude, the views and remoteness of being on top of the world can’t be beaten.

In all my time living in the UK I have never had the ambition to lead the Conservative Party, so not reaching the final two in the current leadership election has not made any impact on my well being.

Hi @aboynamedgoo so many questions so little time (well, someone has to ;))

  • how did the idea for dis footy first come about
  • what was your favourite dis football match
  • reds or blues?
  • what is your favourite beer
  • how the hell do you look so young?

Ruud Krol. Left-back. Legend.

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Alarm goes off
Cup of tea
Toilet break
Brush teeth
Leave for work


Wake up whenever
Big breakfast
Multiple cups of coffee
Toilet break
Brush teeth
Leave to do something fun


Hi @aboynamedgoo,

  1. Where did hoogy come from anyway?
  2. What are some things you’d like to see/visit/do in Scandinavia?


Hey @aboynamedgoo,

If you were to appear on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me, what would you make for your starter, main and dessert?

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I have been in a room with Piers Morgan, an experience I do not want to repeat, so it’ll have to be Jeremy Clarkson. I’ll blow out the candle pretty quickly, so I don’t have to stare at his face. Let’s hope the food is good at least.

You don’t get dressed before leaving the house?

Hi Aboynamedgoo

I hope you’re having a good day.

Would you rather own your own personal plane, train or boat?

Do you prefer ice lollies or ice cream?

It’s my birthday next week, what cake are you making for me?

Who is your favourite Spice Girl?

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend :blush:

Hi @aboynamedgoo

One of my absolute highights this year has been drunkenly (at least on my part) discussing Voetbal with you in Islington a few weeks ago. So…

What would be your all-time Dutch XI (Ajax formation, please)?
Do you have a ‘2nd’ Dutch side after Ajax?
If you could be any Dutch footballer, who would you be and why?
Who was a better coach, Michels or Cruyff?
Who is the next ‘big thing’ in Dutch footballer?

The obvious choice would be the first goal scored for DiS FC, in our first year participating in the infamous Amsterdam tournament, but that goal was a tap in from 2 yards out after a scramble in the box following a corner. The celebrations were a sight to behold: I was carried aloft back to our own half.

The most exhilarating was probably the one I scored in the Big Scary Monsters 5-a-side tournament (RIP) one year where our keeper kicked it out to me, and with one touch of my knee it was directed straight to the opposition goalie, who was caught unaware and too slow to react. Everyone looked at me asking “what the hell was that”?

There is video evidence of that goal on the internet somewhere.

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I can’t really answer this question.

What does “dishes originating in the UK” actually mean? Does the food need to be grown in the UK? Has the recipe been invented by a chef born in the UK? Is this food that is common to most UK households? What if it is cooked by a person born abroad, but now living in the UK? What about dishes that use ingredients that are grown over here, but originate from other regions? Etc, etc.

I am currently wearing black leather shoes, from M&S. Before leaving the office I will change into grey Nike trainers.

Pretty boring.