AMA S2E14: Flashinglight (REDUX)

Finally, AMA is back, and today we have a very special AMAer who was busy on Blind Date Episode 14 this morning. Please welcome to the stage: @anon89873996!

Season 2 so far
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  12. AMAS2E12: Antpocalypsenow (REDUX)
  13. AMA S2E13: Ruffers

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Hi @anon89873996,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?



Heya Czuk,

If I remember correctly I answered stegosaurus last time and there is no change in that. Love the spikes, the swishy tail, the curve of their profile. GBOD

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Hi @anon89873996, big fan.

What is your most and least favourite letter of the alphabet, and why?

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Hello FL!

My question is as follows, do you think there will ever be a substance that overtakes “glass” as the primary material used in windows?


Good afternoon Flashinglight,

How long do you think it would take you to learn how to do a proficient ski jump?

All the best,



Hi FL!

Huge fan :heart:

What books would you recommend for babies / toddlers?

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Hello there @anon89873996,
I’m going to the shop, I’ve got a spare fiver, what would you like?

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please post a picture /describe your dream bike

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Hi Dr Epimer

My favourite letter is Hh because I find it easiest to write in a stylised way toclook nice. My least favourite letter is Yy for the opposite reason, it is a pain to write nicely and consistently.

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Hello Tone, can I call you Tone?

In the Star Trek film where they save the whales they go on about transparent aluminium which is supposdly like glass but however many times stronger. Reckon science could make this a thing and its smash-resistance could lead itnto overtake glass ad the window material of choice.


I don’t know if I could ever overcome the fear to let myself do it tbh, that eould be the hardest part. So… about ten years of intense physiological preparation and then maybe a season of training?


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hi FL, big fan. if you were to plan your ideal night out and you had to pick 1) a restaurant 2) a pub/bar/hangout place and 3) a venue/gig/cinema or similar evening’s entertainment, what would they be?

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Hi FL.

This week I have listened to Yes for the first time.

What do you think of this song?

(It seems to be their biggest hit.)
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I could give you a very long list here!
Sandra Boynton is excellent for babies, really bold illustrations and lots of stuff which can be made funny even before they properly understand it. Hippos Go Beserk is my favourite, best counting book out there. Also Barnyard Dance is great fun when they are moving about properly and Pyjama Time for a little pre-bedtime energy expending.

Chris Houghton books like Shh! We Have a Plan and A Bit Lost are fun too.

When stories grab them a bit more, Oliver Jeffers’ This Moose Belongs to Me or Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back are my favourites probably. Anything by either of them is excellent.

Oh, and the Mr Panda books by Steve Antony :heart:


Of course!

Great answer, thanks

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The Format is shaking it’s head wistfully at this exchange.


A cold coffee drink and as much ritter sport as that’ll buy, thanks funky!