AMA S2E2: StupidSexyFlanders

Ask @stupidsexyflanders anything you like. He’s in a meeting until about 2pm, but that just gives us time to queue up the questions for him.

Season 2 so far
  1. AMA S2E1: Rarity

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Hi @stupidsexyflanders.

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be?

Hi @stupidsexyflanders.

If you could have a dinosaur as a pet, which one would you choose?

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Have you ever worn a skintight skiing suit and wiggled your bum at an obnoxious balding fat man?


Do you have a left handed pen I could borrow?

Hi! Just what is it about being born on September 21st that makes a person quite so well-rounded and good to know do you think? Also, how’s Curtis Nelson getting on?

Were there any further repercussions for that bloke who showed his knob to your entire office?

Please tell me which is your favorite film from Rob Reiner’s perfect run in his early to mid career?

to refresh your memory those films are

This is Spinal Tap
The Sure Thing
Stand By Me
The Princess Bride
When Harry Met Sally
A Few Good Men

Thank you kindly for your attention in this matter

Do you wash your legs in the shower?


When is the last time you used Blu Tac?

If you had to order a pizza with only one topping on, what would it be?

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Are you a shower wee-er?
Bath pooer?

hi ssf

if you had to pick only one, would it be: omloop het nieuwsblad, gent-wevelgem or dwars door vlaanderen?


your pal,

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Hi @stupidsexyflanders! Thanks for doing this :smiley:

As well established in my own AMA, I have a lot of opinions about crisps. Therefore I have a very important question for you: What is your favourite flavour of Monster Munch?

Hello everyone! Honoured. I had lunch with @BodyInTheThames today, here is a cheery picture of us. I didn’t realise til I put it on my laptop that my glasses are wonky as hell, but fuck it.


Hello there @anon76851889. Thanks for the question! I’d be a brachiosaurus, because they seem pretty chill. Not only that but they have tiny heads and a massive body and that’s pretty funny I think.


Why do Swedish warships have barcodes on them?

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With hindsight, what advice would you give the 18 year old version of yourself?

Hello @ma0sm, thanks for asking. I would have a Compsognathus, because I have a small apartment and they only grow to the size of a turkey. They are carnivorous too, so it would make a good mouser I think.