AMA S2E3: Chebbles

Ask @anon40717000 anything you like. We organised this last week, so I’m hoping they’re still available.

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  2. AMA S2E2: StupidSexyFlanders

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Hi @anon40717000,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

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Hi everyone :wave:

I lurk more in the forums than post, but I think you are all great and I enjoy following the music and social discussions. Thought it would be fun to do this :slightly_smiling_face: I wrote some stuff down last night about myself in case you wanted to ask.

  • I am currently in the second year of my PhD studies, looking at the relationship between prosody and reading comprehension.
  • I grew up in Whitby in North Yorkshire.
  • I worked in a hotel in Whitby for 7 years as a teenager and it was a weird experience.
  • I also worked as an ABA instructor for 6 months in London and found the experience very strange and not sure how I feel about it.
  • I like video games, running and reading.

Music things, as this is a music forum:

  • My 5 ‘perfect’ albums (ones that mean a lot): Ruins - Grouper, Puzzle - Biffy Clyro, The Woods - Sleater Kinney, The Midnight Organ Fight - Frightened Rabbit, and Forget the Night Ahead - The Twilight Sad.
  • Passed out at 1 gig - Mark Lanegan in Birmingham (somehow never fainted at a more intense gig).
  • Gig I’ve most enjoyed yet felt anxiety over the silence between songs - Aldous Harding last week in Newcastle.
  • Gig I enjoyed most because it meant I got to lie down on a hill by myself near the sea in Barcelona - Mogwai at Primavera.
  • Gig I enjoyed the most because I went with my brother and my Dad, and we got really into it, and it was fun seeing my then late 40’s Dad scream every word and be on the barrier headbanging - Biffy Clyro in Manchester in 2008 (they had a string section on stage too which was great).

Hi @anon40717000
I do hope you are well.
I would like to know if you’ve ever ordered room service in a hotel?
If money was no object and you were in a fancy hotel and you had ordered room service and they knocked on the door with a wheeley trolley, covered with silver platters, what feast would you like to await you neath the lids of those platters?
Thanks for your time and have a lovely day x

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Hi Chebbles

Have you even been to Whitby Goth Weekend?


Hi Chebbles.

When was the last time you used Blu Tac?

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Hi Chebbles. Do you like eggs? Please rank your egg cooking type preferences


I love Whitby, although I imagine it may be different if you live there. What’s your favourite thing to do in Whitby?

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Hi Colin!

I think I would be a Stegosaurus. They were always my favourite dinosaur as a child, I had a model of one which I would use a lot in my Lego play, I remember including it in a story I did with my Indiana Jones Lego where they discovered the stegosaurus in the sand, and it ended up with the team riding the sweet dino to safety.

I like stegosaurus’s because they have those cool spiny back plates which look super cool, they are really chilled out and seem like they just enjoy their dino lives and I imagine they smile and enjoy spending time with each other. Also they look like a an over-sized lizard just living their best life. I really like the stegosaurus.


Tl;dr: It is a version of a nickname I got given at school.

I went through an amazing amount of nicknames through school, the timeline is as so;
Sheradan (real name) → Shez → Shezza → Shezzy → Shez → Shep → Fez → Cheb. Also still used; Chebby, Sherry-Sherry.

I like how Chebbles rolls off the tongue really, and it is quite a nice online name to use. I wish it had more relevance haha.

I did find out later Cheb can be used as slang for a penis or breasts so it has that interesting tidbit!


Hiya chebs, what are you having for lunch? How come you don’t post more?


Hi Chebbles,

Your doctorate sounds really interesting - how did you get into it? Any plans for after?



Did you get a lot of Keeping Up Appearances jokes when growing up?

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Oh - and - £3 to spend at Greggs. What’ll it be?

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What is the most disgusting thing you came across in a hotel room in your 7 years working there?

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Hi Gnometorious!

I am alright today thanks, a bit tired but looking forward to spending the weekend with my partner later :slight_smile: Hope you are well too.

I have ordered Sausage and Mash to a hotel room before at a conference in London, it felt like the greatest decadence I have ever encountered. It felt weird to sit in the room huddled over it though.

If I could have anything it would be this tofu ramen I had in Japan when I visited. I can still taste it to this day and have forgotten where I had it in Tokyo and anything else about it, but god it was good. I would have some veggie gyoza on the side, freshly cooked. I would have a dessert of my late-Grandma’s stewed apple and custard as it is my fave dessert ever, and maybe a Beavertown Gamma Ray on the side just cos I can’t think of another drink at the moment.

Have a lovely day too x


Hi chebbles

What would your squad role be in a heist movie?

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I have, many times. I would sometimes go out with friends around the most Goth-friendly pubs and just hang out, it was always fun! Living there the novelty does go away somewhat, but it is honestly the best time to come to Whitby, it is fun to see the costumes and the atmosphere is nice.

The hotel I worked out Goth weekend was my favourite time, everyone was super friendly and happy to talk to you about why they came and what they loved about the event. Some came as an escape from their work as lawyers and business people to “be themselves”, others just lived this lifestyle to the fullest and felt this was their homecoming. I remember a German couple came every year and I would get to hug them and welcome them back, that was nice. Also, most didn’t get up 'til 2pm, so had to do less cleaning those times and got to go home early :slight_smile:


Hi boothyfearssatan!

Just this morning, I had to reattach my list of friends and family’s birthdays to my wall. I have a terrible memory for that kind of thing.


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hi chebbles,

i’d like to know what your favourite pasta shape is


your pal,

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