AMA S2E4: ma0sm (REDUX)

What’s the story behind this?

@ma0sm what’s the nicest house you’ve been in and who owned it

@ma0sm talk us through your first kiss, man. How was it?

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It varies wildly, but I do suffer from social anxiety a lot, particularly when talking to one person alone. I try to do a lot of things to distract myself from it. I have a lot of self-worth issues, but the older I get the less people seem to have any expectations of me, so it allows me to relax a lot more.


@ma0sm I’m thinking I might start saying “Gram” instead of “Graham” like some Americans do. Thoughts?

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Hi Ma0sm, big fan!

Boring question here: How did your DiS username come about?

Thanks and have a nice time in The Netherlands x

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@ma0sm how would you describe your better half’s beauty?

I used to be in a band called Neon Highwire and as part of that I made a few music videos with some other amazing people (including @chris-budget).

With SRS BSNS in particular, a friend of a friend was a dance teacher of teenagers and said that she’d love to have them be a part of a music video once. I said that sounded great, so we chose a song and she said she’d choreograph a dance for them. I have no film background nor much money, so we thought maybe of doing a video outside incorporating them, along the lines of our Bear At The Bus Stop video. On the day, they didn’t know that I would be dancing too, and we just set the cameras up and started filming. The first two takes didn’t finish because they kept cracking up mid take at my amazing dance moves.


hi @ma0sm

your username makes me think of maoam orgasms. Is that your intention?
do you like maoams?
if so, what’s your favourite maoam?

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The one I live in now in Nijmegen, owned by a lovely couple.

Have never lived in a place which didn’t have some sort of problem with it till now.

Hi @ma0sm - long time fan of your work.

How are you finding your current locale and how would you rank all the places you’ve lived?

yours curiously,


i actually don’t know

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Hi @ma0sm - long time fan. Just wondering who the best looking DiSer is you’ve bumped into in Schipol train station?

Which bus stop is the Bear waiting at?

I’d spent most of my teenage years being very stressed that I had zero success romantically in any way. It was mostly due to my personality, though I always found other reasons. However, in sixth form I kind of accepted that I was weird and different to other people and embraced it more. I was voted head boy after giving a speech pretending to be Tony Blair, and was house captain for the Eisteddfod where I impressed people with a wild guitar solo over a cover of dEUS’s Suds And Soda. It still hadn’t really helped, but then I went out for a night in Bowlers in Bridgend as per usual for the weekend and a girl who I found very attractive just shouted HEAD BOY! at me at the top of her voice and kissed me there and then. We dated for a while afterwards, but after a couple of months she dumped me. To try and win her back I recorded a bunch of covers onto a CD and posted it to her, including Girl Dreams by Beck. I am so glad that I don’t have copies of those tracks anymore.


I like mispronouncing words, silly names and think the funniest things are the things where some people respond with “Why would you even think of doing that?”.

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A beautiful story, told with heart and substance. Thank you for sharing x

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I went to Bath uni and it was my automatically assigned password Ma (maths) 0 (2000) SM (my initials). I hated thinking of usernames and funnily enough it was never taken no matter where I used it.


awesome answer thanks x

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@ma0sm you’ve missed my question, I’m going to assume accidentally.