AMA S2E4: ma0sm (REDUX)

She is a beautiful soul in ways that I could never be and her smile is enough to make me want to cry with happiness.


I think we have alignment on this issue moving forward

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Hi @ma0sm, is there a particular way your username should be pronounced if said out loud?



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I lived in Australia for three years

I did, I apologise

Start and end with Ik Moet Zuipen

Hey @ma0sm you know that thing where by they answer the question that was asked one before the most recent one and then it’s funny? Do you think that sort of thing would work in AMA threads?

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No, I enjoy people having difficulty with it

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I think that it’s probably even funnier in an AMA thread than in an average other thread


Much obliged

Hi @ma0sm!

Which was more fun, this AMA or your first one?

Also, what’s your favourite flavour of Monster Munch?

Cruel but fair. Thank you.

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I wasn’t familiar with Maoams when I was first assigned ma0sm.
I have eaten them, but not regularly. I like sweets that have no nutritional value and that people go “Eugh” when you eat them such as Haribo, so I class this in that category.


Hey EmO, I am also a big fan of your work.

I feel very happy living in the Netherlands. I feel like moving from the UK helped me grow up a lot, and start to think about who I am without historical friendships and relationships sculpting those things. When I moved to Australia, I naively thought that by speaking the language I would fit in more. However I was seen as even weirder in Oz than people find me in the UK, and these were people who had friendship roots stretching back years. I made some friends, but was never really that close to those around me. In Nijmegen I embraced the expat community and found people more intelligent, left-wing, and generally up for doing things and I couldn’t be happier.

On the other hand though, casual racism in The Netherlands is at a far less progressive level than anywhere I’ve lived before, they need to sort that the fuck out.


It was you, and I just wish we had time to hang out more!

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Same though :frowning:

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awesome. Thank you :slight_smile: