AMA S2E5: the_ravens

Have you ever caused someone to become distressed by repeatedly saying nothing but the word “nevermore”?

If not, is that something you might consider doing someday in the future?

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Hi maoam orgasm,

A list, I like it :slight_smile:

  • take an extra few seconds before saying something to consider the effect of my words on the person or people I was talking to.
  • My children (it’s a cliche I know, but my eldest runs the cheeky team what can I say!)
  • personally - needles, insects around my genitals, harm coming to my children. non-personally - continuing Tory government
  • there are a lot to choose from here. One that springs to mind is breaking into (they just let me in but I was too drunk to realise) the VIP area at QOTSA in Hyde Park, asking literally everyone for drugs, then sprinting out and trying to somersault over the barrier, landing flat on my back and winding myself really badly. Or running around on the snow covered roofs of the hotel I was staying in when skiing throwing snowballs at friends from their balconies and then when the Gendarme called up in English “please get down it is dangerous” flicking them the Vs and shouting back “Je ne parle pas Francais”

Hi Joke

Thank you :slight_smile:

My pretty much complete full house of privilege, my wife and my kids. And good hair

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Hi Icarus-Smicarus,

I like showing off, I like acting a part and I like living in a fantasy world.



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Hi dingaling,

There are a lot which I don’t want to share because they might come back to make them embarrassed later in life, so a relatively tame one.

When I asked one not to drink the dirty dishwater they replied “I’m a Narwhal. Narwhals don’t mind this kind of water”


Hi Ant,

I don’t think I can.


No I have not but I will consider doing this some day in the future. Rest assured I will report back on how it went

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Hi @the_ravens

So many questions, so little time

  • what was your role in the band?
  • highlight of the band’s career?
  • any special requests on your rider?
  • give percentages for the following: Sex? Drugs? Rock’n’Roll?
  • Myspace or Bandcamp?
  • will the band ever get back together again?
  • and what if Barry Hogan offers you serious $$$ to reform?

Hi stickboy

With pleasure.

I currently use Bulldog range products because a) mrs_r did some research and they’re supposed to be reasonably ethical b) they’re almost always on offer at Sainos c) I without fail start humming Hey Bulldog by The Beatles when using them which is a nice little lift.

I wash daily, sometimes twice, with the face wash.
Weekly with the face scrub
Moisturise with one of the aging man moisturisers
I also infrequently use Kiehls ultimate strength hand salve which is lovely and I should use more often.

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Hi @the_ravens

Please list 3-5 things from your bucket list. It’s OK to include things you’ve already ticked off, but in those cases, could you tell us whether it was worth it please?

Hi ttf - toffee > coffee >>> raisin = malteser > chocolate >>> orange

but i like them all really, could probably just skull a whole bag in one mouthful and combine the flavours


Hi aboynamedgoo,

  • bassist and backing vocals, songwriting
  • there are two - playing to the crew of the Acoustic stage at Glastonbury for their post gig party and supporting Cud at the Hootenanny in Brixton (we came on after them so technically they supported us lol)
  • fizzy water, corona
  • sex:drugs:rocknroll 30:50:20 (mrs_r was the singer so the 30 is probably skewed a bit)
  • myspace - bandcamp was only starting to get big when we were on our way down
  • probably not as a regular thing but as a one off, maybe
  • if it covers childcare for rehearsal time then YES!
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Follow-up questions: favourite bassist? And why?

Why ‘the ravens’?


Hi paidinfull

  • playing at a music festival - sort of ticked off with the back stage thing which was a) worth it 1000% b) not really playing the festival so it remains unticked
  • going round the world - I did this in 98 and it was absolutely worth it (Mexico, USA, Fiji, Australia, Hong Kong and China - were all brilliant). If I were to do it now I’d like to try it without flying (trans siberian or something)
  • parachute jump
  • going back to Gorges du Tarn and climbing some of the 4 pitch routes which I chickened out of when I last went (the first pitch takes you above the tree tops and you then feel very exposed)

How’s that?

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Recently @xylo had a rant about the misrepresentation of rare book shops in TV/film.

Do you have an irritation in dramas that always gets you when you see it?

Sorry again @the_ravens

Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue.

Because underneath it all I’m still a 16 year old boy. And I love the Thunderbird

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Hi @the_ravens

When was the last time you used BluTac?

crikey - the answer is lost to the mists of time, but if memory serves we had a lot of brainstorming sessions and from a shortlist (which I definitely can’t remember) we found that it wasn’t taken on myspace or something.

I also used to be in a band called Strokeable which I think is a much better name

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