AMA S2E6: Kallgeese

Hey up!

I still call you ‘call’-geese in my head. Is this OK by you??

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That is actually how I pronounce it too!

Sorry I meant cal. Not call. :grinning:

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Hi again @Kallgeese, I didn’t tag you in a question earlier and I think it got lost but which lemonade is better red or white?


Hello Funkhouse! I am a massive fan of red lemonade and used to drink it by the 1.5 litre bottle in pubs I worked in.

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I think there’s a few questions I have to catch up on so I’ll get to them later!

I miss getting it when my Irish colleagues family would visit. Much better than white.

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Dagnabit! Ahh, that’s okay.

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I am getting around to these questions a bit later than I would have liked but here I go!

Ic-Smic, I don’t see myself getting back to Belfast for a long time, unless I manage to book a gig up there. I will get on to you if I’m visiting though!

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Hello R_R! If you are ever in Cork get on to me for a pint! Beamish was my tipple for years but going gluten free has halted that almost completely so I drink bulmers now.

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Hello espresso x2!

Robben, Duff and Drogba in the same team was one of the most exciting times to be a Chelsea fan. It was incredible as an Irish person to watch an Irishman play for Chelsea! Drogba was hitting his stride that season and Robben was a joy to watch on the wing. I only wish we could have a forward line as good now.

Hello no-class!

I have been in the cockpit of a few different planes in my lifetime. I was an avid aviation enthusiast as a teenager so went to a lot of airshows, military shows and museums to look at weird planes. I sat in the cockpit of a Dassault Mirage F1 once even!

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dingaling, I forgot to reply to you too!

I love all of my Prince records but my sentimental favourite is the first one I ever bought, the 7" single for ‘When Doves Cry’. The b-side was ‘17 Days’ and that’s the song that hooked me on Prince. I love the cover as well and bought the 12" so I could display it in my house.

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I didn’t realise you were a Chelsea fan! :smiley:

That front 3 was such quality and with Lamps and lil Joey Cole just behind it was the most packed team of talent we’ve ever had