AMA S2E8: Dingaling

It’s Monday, it’s lunchtime, it’s time for @anon75298087 to be asked some questions!!! Ask her things you always wanted to know down below.

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And never forget… Respect The Format

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Hi @anon75298087,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

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Hi @anon75298087, big fan.

I’m giving you the budget to put together a one day festival. You can choose 7 acts living or dead to perform, 3 types of food van, and a bar that only stocks one drink. What you picking?


Hi @anon75298087

What are your top three crisp flavours? Please and thank you

Yours sincerely,

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Hi Dingaling (which my phone tried to autocorrect to singalong)

Please tell us your most banal anecdote involving a famous person.

Kind regards,


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Hi @anon75298087, lone time listener, first time caller.

Do you mind if I call you dingdings?

Also, what’s your favourite flavour of Monster Munch?

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Hi @anon75298087, long time fan here.

My question for you is: If I put you in charge of planning a night out for the two of us (could involve other people as well but for the purposes of this question they are not important), what would our itinerary look like?



Hi @anon75298087

When was the last time you used BluTac?

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As a relative newb - what is the format?

If I answer you I wouldn’t be respecting the format.

Questions are for the AMAee only.

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hello dingers

i’d like to know what your favourite bell is

thank you

your pal,

Hello! I am starting with the easier ones

  1. BEEF in all its forms
  2. sainsbos or tezzas onion rings
  3. cheese & onion

thanks :slight_smile:

Hiya dingers. Are you still in the same job? If so could you describe a typical day in your life?

If not, what would your dream job be?

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Oh man, I have a lot of these from when I was a runner at the television centre (BBC). You’d just see people off the telly and d-list pop stars of the time walking about everywhere. It’s at the point where if someone I spoke to/worked with/passed in the corridor comes up in conversation, I don’t mention my anecdote because I worry they’ll think I’m bragging, making it up or both.

That said, my three favourite anecdotes to wheel out:

  1. Walking past Terry Wogan getting a runner to tie his shoelaces because “you know, I’m just too old to get down there any more”

  2. Saw a bloke struggling to get his bike out of a studio door so I walked over with chips in one hand and a diet coke in the other, so I could hold the door open with my foot. It was Damon Albarn.

  3. Dearly departed Barry Chuckle left me a voicemail on my desk phone. I kept it on there for over a year and listened to it whenever I needed cheering up


Outstanding answer.

  1. What’s the thing you’ve done you’re most proud of?
  2. Who is your best friend and why?
  3. What’s a fact about you others might not know about?
  4. What’s your current obsession?
  5. In the event of a nuclear holocaust, what skills could you bring to rebuild civilization?
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Oh my god, what a question! I genuinely love all the pets here :sob: I think it would have to be @weeber’s Bertie & Bramble because a) 2 for the price of 1 and b) Bertie looks like a mini Sascha anyway :smiley:


checked that this wasn’t a reply to “what’s your favourite kind of thread?”