AMA Series 2 - coming soon to a board near you

It’s been a while, so I figured it was time to bring back a tried and tested format to the boards. As such, AMA Season 2 will be starting in the near future.

@ericVI ran Season 1, but for… reasons… I’ll be taking on Season 2. This new season will be all new, singing and dancing, with new questionees, new questioners and the return of some classic AMAers to 2019.

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  31. DiSer AMAs #31: Scout
  32. DiSer AMAs #32: Jook
  33. DiSer AMAs #33: Bamnan

So what do you need to do? Decide if you wish to do an AMA, vote accordingly in the poll below, then sit back and keep your eyes pealed for S2E1: coming soon!

  • Yes, Ask Me Anything and Everything!
  • No thanks, I’m not interested in telling you what dinosaur I want to be.

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Are we allowed to take part if we were already in series 1? I’m up for it.

Get in!

Yes. There will be a selection of returning AMAes in between new ones - depends on how many of each type we have, but I’m thinking of one repeat for every two new at the moment.

Surely the reveal of season 2, no? :wink:

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Mine was in October 2017 :grimacing:

I had a lovely time doing my AMA last season. I found I interacted with the boards a lot more afterwards. Can heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to throw their hat into the ring.

Not sure if chicken leg or nose.

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boosts Kermit to the no1 spot

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Forgot I did this, was really fun to be special for a day :slight_smile:

I am safebruv and you can anal me anywhere
Ask me anything??
Up for that too i suppose

whoa these must be goldmines for secret santa, never knew about these



Missed this last time as I’d fallen out of routine with this place. They looked like good fun from what i saw.

They definitely were - wouldn’t be bringing them back if not!

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nah, but you might get asked about billy corgan a lot

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Start with rarity and start this afternoon.



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I enjoyed doing mine, would be up to do again cos I’m needy

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I was thinking of tomorrow so I can prepare the necessary spiel etc, but…