AMA Series 2 - coming soon to a board near you

Start with rarity and start this afternoon.



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I enjoyed doing mine, would be up to do again cos I’m needy

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I was thinking of tomorrow so I can prepare the necessary spiel etc, but…

Might be fun yet a bit scary so why not?

I’m in - is there a time limit in which people would expect a repsonse though? Wouldn’t want to leave everyone hanging or not be able to answer til hours later

Eric always checked with the user first to make sure they had an empty afternoon to sit around and answer questions. Doesn’t really work if the person isn’t around.

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Yeah, don’t think I’m interesting enough to stretch to a whole thread. Unless you want to know about badminton racket stringing or Derby County (1975 - 2019)

Makes sense! Well I’d love to play and will just try to structure my day accordingly - or tbh working from home is a smarter plan

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I didn’t get much work done for a couple of hours when I had my turn so it’s probably not a bad idea



You’ll hear from my lawyer, zeal.


mine felt very comprehensive and i have nothing more to give, but i will LOVE reading more

Maybe, next Monday…

Return Into Premiership!

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I look forward to it. (I did tag you in the Lounge last week)

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Yeah I’ve barely done any work this afternoon but I didn’t have much to do anything so that’s worked out fine.

Highly recommend everyone does it, I’ve had a blast! :smiley:

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