Yes that’s right! It’s the Ask @ma0sm Anything thread!


First question: @ma0sm are you okay with me creating this thread and thrusting you into the limelight like this?




Hey @ma0sm - Where do you get off, man?

@ma0sm What’s the thing in your avatar? I gather it’s from some sort of meme video but I don’t know it.

I don’t have any questions.

Hey @ma0sm - Ever farted?


Hey @ma0sm - Got any skin conditions at the minute?

Hey @ma0sm - Why “The Netherlands”?

Oh dear god what have I done


Hey @ma0sm - Ever made a proper milkshake (ice cream, milk, blender) at home or abroad?

Hello @ma0sm,

Is the front pocket on a backpack the small pocket on the front of the backpack or the pocket closest to the wearer’s back (and therefore the front pocket in terms of direction of travel)? Please advise.

Hey @ma0sm - If Speed = Distance over Time, what is the speed of a car that has travelled 45 miles in one hour?

By the way, I now know who he is, and know that he doesn’t want to be contacted.


@ma0sm what came first ma0sm or haribo maoam, i always imagine you as hard on the outside chewy on the inside and tasting of fake fruit

Hey @ma0sm - Ever wondered why there are so many different types of brackets?

Sometimes my knuckles get cracked in the winter, but it’s fine this year for some reason. Probably all the time at home.

Hey @ma0sm - Can you give us a full, detailed review of your most recent sexual encounter please? (Don’t worry about spoilers)