Amanda Knox (Netflix doc)



Watched this last night - anyone else seen it?


That whole Foxy Knoxy thing was really creepy



Never met her, personally.


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Would like to watch this. Reading her Wiki page I didn’t realise the Italian courts had officially exonerated her. I felt like that wasn’t reported much at all, compared to the initial furore.

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I watched it on Friday. That freelance journo who writes for The Mail is the definition of a hack. Absolute chode.


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Always feel grubby reading about Amanda Knox, mainly because Meredith Kercher was the friend of a friend, who was basically forgotten about in the tabloid fire storm.


The crime-scene footage in this doc was rather graphic at times and there was a certain discomfort watching.


Watched this yesterday morning.

First thought was the daily mail journalist got way too much air time and was such a massive cunt. Proper grinning and lapping up that he got front page stories out of it. He looked a bit mad and so disconnected from the crime and was only focused on what he could gain from it (money!). I felt so disgusted by him and how quick they were to print front page stories about Meredith’s sex life which is just so disrespectful for the family.

As for the actual crime, I don’t really know how I feel now. I think the Italian police were so into the fact that they were now on national news that they felt like they HAD to come to a quick conclusion. Just because Amanda was acting strangely right after the crime (in the first WEEK of a passionate relationship) isn’t really enough to pin it on her. They completely glossed over the facts that Rudy Guede was with Meredith straight after something happened to her. He said the person who did it left the house straight after, whether it was Amanda or not, which means he must have covered her body with the duvet. That doesn’t make sense. Also he fled the country straight after and didn’t alert the police which just screams guilty.


Enjoyed yer lawyer bloke having a pop at the 'Muricans. ‘In 1308 they were drawing pictures of buffalo in caves’ :smiley: