Amazing architecture from your neck o' the woods - A google streetview thread


Show me awesome buildings from where you live(d)

Obv this thread was pretty much made for @Scout with the love for her city, although i might secretly be hoping to snare @penoid back




not clear which of these you’re repping bud, and that makes a huge difference to my endorsement


My hometown went a bit crazy with the ol’ big white tents thing when the Millennium Dome was going up

They are not good.


they look extremely butlins


Cathedral in front, roman castle behind.




UTI, of course.


Load of shite aren’t they, and also they only last like 25 years or something so they’ll be due replacing soon


quite nice, as carpet factories go


This is basicaly nextdoor to where I live. I think it’s the largest spherical building in the world


Pfft, I’ve seen larger


Egyptian-style mill building in Leeds about a 10 min walk from my flat




IT WORKED! There’s a hidden western street in Edinburgh :smiley:


Haha! My mate lives about two doors along from there and we were wandering about in there when we got back pissed one night.


Yeah I used to live up the road from in various flats and only really discovered it after I’d left!


There’s a pretty cool old college at the end of my road but virtually impossible to show you using streetview as there’s a tree in the way/gate/wall in the way from every angle. It’s not so much the building that’s amazing but the fact it’s just tucked away at the end of a ordinary street in the suburbs and no one ever knows it’s there.


Not really much of note where I am, but I do quite like these:

(the modernist Quaker Meeting House)

and the mosaics, in the station


Both Corby, one on either side of the road. The former is obviously hideous. The latter divides opinion. Personally, I like it.