Amazing Aunts

Anyone got a brilliant aunt? Well this is the time to announce it.

Tell us all about them.

My aunts are fine I suppose but I wouldn’t start a thread about them.


My auntie hit me up with some beasty pain meds the other day, I love her.

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Auntie Joan got me a Gameboy for Christmas one year. Very good present.




My auntie is great. She doesn’t like hugs but she’ll give me one, she always has a bottle of fizzy wine to give me too. AND her plants are all HUGE. I don’t know how she does it…. I suspect it might be something to go with her house being boiling and she has massive windows…

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don’t have any, amazing or otherwise

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They’ve never done anything bad…but, nothing to stand out either. Beige aunts i guess.

I like one a lot but never see her, and only did once a year or so as a kid. Loads of plants and frog ornaments around the gaff, enjoyed her wine, always honest with the kids.

The only aunts I had/have contact with live in Canada. One died a few weeks ago, was in her 80s.
Stayed with her family a fair few times. She was a sweetheart but a real worrier. Had to reassure her constantly when leaving their little town to go and stay in a city for a few nights about an hour away. I was about 30 years old :joy:
RIP Aunty Babs


She’s nice but a great big Tory.

I had an Auntie Pam for a few years, but she was a step aunt really (wife of step dads brother) but there was a divorce and now she isn’t

Step uncle left her for a different Pam but I’ve only met her like once so in no way can she be considered worthy of the auntie title

You can all send your amazing aunts one of these cards.



My Auntie Norma was nice.

Auntie Barbara belongs in the evil aunts thread however.

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my aunty used to be chaddy the owl

i only have great aunts, 12 to be exact, and they’re all gbo Spanish Abuelitas, and have really old fashioned names like Mercedes, Otilia, Maruja, Blanca, Paca, etc.




the youngest one is called Milagros (Miracles)


Haven’t spoken to any of mine in years, due to The Incident(s)

I only have one living and one died 30 years ago (but have lots by marriage). The one living is great but my husband is terrified of her. She’s married to the nicest and funniest man I’ve ever met.

I’d love to be an aunt but none of my siblings or siblings in law are contemplating breeding.

Does anyone have unofficial aunts? Those friends of your parents that you were told to call Aunty. We now do it to our kids with our own friends and they are totally confused about their family tree as a result.


My aunts are fine, one I was close to as a kid and used to email her about my dad being a dick (she agrees) and Big Brother (which she didn’t watch), but although we have a similarly silly sense of humour I now think we have little in common and given how weird she can be I’m perplexed by how her boyfriends/husbands are always so fucking boring. My non-blood relation aunt I’ve appreciated more as I’ve got older as she does listen and while she’s reserved she’s a lot more empathetic than my uncle.

Tbh I’m the amazing aunt (to my friends’ baby. he is not a blood relation.) I have historically been anti baby, so all my friends are truly stunned by how hard I stan the baby, he is a legend. I brought my Very Hungry Caterpillar hand puppet to my flat so I can entertain him when he visits. I’m always like “alright Scorpio mate, how’s it going? how’s the job?” and make jokes about him buying the lads a round after work.

No offence to my friends’ current or future babies including my cousin’s baby but he is king of babies and I doubt I will ever stan a child so hard again in my life. I still don’t want my own kids but I am absolutely committed to being an over invested fake auntie who turns up to school plays and heckles the other kids.